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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Changing Your Career This New Year

January 14, 2019
4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Changing Your Career This New Year

Is a career change on your New Year’s resolutions list? The start of a fresh twelve months gets many people thinking about how they could change their life for the better, and a new occupation is one of the ways to achieve this. But, more often than not, taking this leap is only ever deliberated, year after year…

Here, we explore why 2019 should be the year in which you take a switch in direction in your career.

An organised fresh start

What’s stopped you from achieving your resolutions in the past? A common reason is a lack of coordination. If you put a plan in place, with small and achievable goals along the way, the process is a lot easier. The start of a new calendar, whether in digital or paper format, will help you lay it out figuratively and literally.

So take the chance to get your career in order at the beginning of the year. If you’re unhappy, bored or stressed in your current job, then there’s no better time to seize a fresh start.

Perhaps your role doesn’t necessarily have any problems, but you think a lack of fulfilment could be an issue in the future. You might want to maximise your income, find something more challenging, or simply work with passion every day. These are all things that a franchise business can offer you.

Embrace the mentality of ‘now or never’

Whilst you might promise yourself a fresh beginning every year, many adopt the thought pattern of ‘I’ll change careers next year’ each time 1st January passes, leading to a never-ending cycle.

Soon enough, decades have passed, and you’ve still not made the move. You can simply end up believing that you’re ‘too old’ for such a big transformation in your life. But that’s not true – a career change at 30, 40 or even 50 is perfectly viable. In fact, it could be the best time for it.

The longer you do delay the shift though, the higher the chances are that it won’t happen. So take the ‘now or never’ approach instead. Think about what you’re missing out on by not making the change happen, and ensure it does.

Determine your own career path

A lot of people stay in the same role because of simplicity and believing that it’s a ‘job for life’. Except, in the majority of cases, this isn’t official. One day you could suddenly find that the company you’ve been loyal to doesn’t show the same appreciation.

Unfortunately, it happens – and you never really know when the business will change either. Perhaps you’ll be lucky to have a stable position, but consider how the world’s digitalisation has impacted on jobs in recent years – or how many have had to restructure due to factors like cash flow and changing customer demands.

And so, there is always a chance you’ll end up having no option but to go looking for a career change. It’s a risk that comes with most positions, so taking control by buying your own business is a great choice. You’ll be able to be in charge of your career, rather than being complacent with it.

Take advantage of the opportunity available

If you’re thinking ‘what career is right for me?’, then buying a specialist cleaning and restoration franchise would provide you with tremendous opportunity. With the UK’s seasonal weather, and the rewarding feeling that comes with changing people’s lives for the better, it’s one of the most attractive openings out there.

This makes it a recession-resistant option, one that’s not at the mercy of the economic climate. And a specialist cleaning franchise business has help available too. Reputable franchisors, such as Rainbow, provide more than enough assistance to ensure you can hit the ground running.

Partner with Rainbow for your career change

Rainbow’s assistance extends further than our 100-day induction. We provide continuous training and support, so that you’ll stay abreast of any industry changes, as well as have a helping hand when necessary. Whilst you will ultimately be responsible for running the franchise, you’ll never feel like you are alone.

As it’s generally considered a less risky option compared to starting up by yourself, choosing one of the territories available with Rainbow is an incredibly practical career change. To start your transformation from employee to business owner as soon as possible, request a callback from our team today.