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4 Sectors That Rely On Us The Most

August 1, 2017
4 Sectors That Rely On Us The Most

The possibilities are endless for entrepreneurs with a nose for opportunity, especially when they take the helm of a franchise business like Rainbow International. We don’t appeal to one customer base; many sectors rely on us for specialist cleaning and restorative efforts…

It’s a clear advantage to running your Rainbow territory: knowing there are dozens of types of businesses to serve, whatever your interests and areas of expertise. Can you guess what they might be? Here are four key sectors, for inspiration.

1. Offices and commercial spaces

Now, more than ever, we’re seeing real, progressive debates on what a working environment can (and should) be. If we think of the modern office, we’re likely to conjure a fine, sleek assemblage of curved desks and glass doors.

We help commercial spaces stay in peak condition, but not in terms of your daily clean. Instead, we’ll see to bigger jobs like clearing air ducts and conditioning systems, cleaning extremely high windows, and removing any water damage in the event of disaster, minimising downtime for the business.

2. Hospitality and retail

Anywhere that sees a constant influx of guests is ripe for our services. Hotel carpets will wear out; retail shelves have to look presentable at all hours; a university café, quite often, will be larger than an in-house team can cope with, at least to match our quality level.

Therefore, we’re big assets to hospitality and retail ventures. Some of our best work comes from upholstery treatment, ensuring chairs, sofas, beds and carpet tiles are in top shape. One good job can easily lead to another.

3. Industrial factories

Factories have a vast array of specialist cleaning needs. From pipes, barrels and belt conveyors to the intricate features of heavy machinery, these spaces require careful attention to detail. And that’s without factoring in moving parts and hazardous chemicals.

Rainbow International franchise owners regularly win factory contracts. A few of them focus on manual industry, others on food production and waste. These facilities must be hygienic – something our franchisees can deliver, thanks to advanced cleaning sprays and detoxifiers, across hundreds of square feet.

4. National heritage sites

Arguably, we take national heritage for granted. That’s because we expect it to remain the same, forever, as a matter of course. Yet it’s down to the work of people like us – the specialists, who are well versed in how to care for a historic artefact – that such wonders are able to survive, whatever decade they’re from.

It might be a stately home that’s desperate for restoration, or a town hall that’s stood the test of time; if so, we’ll step in, just as our teams see to statues, monuments, parks and arches around the UK.

All of these sectors are unique – very few clients will require the same things, meaning every day presents fresh, exciting opportunities as a Rainbow franchisee. To learn more and book an initial call, find the Next Steps to a franchise business.