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4 Things You’ll Learn As A Franchisee

March 15, 2018
4 Things You’ll Learn As A Franchisee

As Emily Dickinson once said, it’s good to dwell in possibility. Thinking about what may shape you after a big decision takes flight – in work, family or relationships – is part of the thrill. We never stop learning. That fact should be celebrated.

If you’re edging towards a bid on a franchise business, this is probably very relevant to your life – or what your life will become. Many challenges lie ahead, there to overcome and open you up to new experiences.

Have a look at what Rainbow International consider to be the four main lessons a franchisee will run into.


1. You carve your own niche


When we’re asked how a business franchise in the UK is managed, the answer tends to be: “It’s up to you…”

Our franchise partners come from a wealth of backgrounds and have a diverse range of skillsets, goals and interests. We have supported specialist cleaners by trade, number crunchers, admin experts, manual workers and networking experts in their quest for independence and a profitable revenue model.

They choose their own schedule. As long as the business is making money, you can fill any role you prefer, from sales and accounts to boots-on-the-ground project management.


2. Nothing is a safe bet


Franchises are large enough to give you a functioning model for success. But they are not a turnkey to riches – far from it. You’ll have to work as hard as any other venture, with the added benefit of having a map to follow.

Rainbow, for example, are well known in the specialist cleaning and restoration sector. But to remain competitive, each franchisee has to pull their weight and help maintain our reputation.


3. Your own personality is never compromised


Searching for a franchise for sale? Hesitant to do so, because you have a suspicion that it will box you into a strict way of doing things?

That fear will evaporate pretty swiftly, as soon as you’re inducted into the brand training scheme. Good franchisors know that erasing a personal touch is not going to reflect well, on both their image and the franchisee’s satisfaction. Yes, you’ll get advice on how to do X or Y, but the means of achieving them are up to you.


4. Success can quickly emerge through hardship


Franchise opportunities in the UK carry a start-up price tag. In our case, that’s around £49,000 and working capital to get your business off the ground. Understandably, a portion of franchisees find their first year or two quite tough.

We’d like to remind you, though, that a crucial lesson is how fast you can grow with a dedicated philosophy. Unlike a startup, the structure and delivery method is already in place for a franchisee; all that’s left is for you to pursue it rationally, and build up a base of clients that come back for repeat business.

These lessons don’t encapsulate all that you’ll go through as a new franchising partner. People make their own future – it’s impossible to predict how your individual journey will pan out until you make the leap.

But we are confident in those we choose for a Rainbow territory. With the right skills and attitude, you may be eligible for a bid. Speak to our team for more information, and take your next step