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5 Resolutions To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

January 16, 2019
5 Resolutions To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

Losing weight or reduced alcohol intake tops most people’s New Year’s resolutions list – but how much have you considered your 2019 career goals? Especially if you’re thinking of starting a franchise business, centring your yearly aims around career aspirations will help you to become ready for this change.

Join us as we delve into five resolutions that will ensure your business dreams become reality and 2019 becomes your best year yet.

1. Put significant savings away

Consider how you’ll raise the necessary finance to buy and run a franchise. Whilst you can secure funds through banks and other lending organisations, make sure there’s money available in your account. This is especially important during your first year of operating where breaking even is key.

Look into the ways you can hold onto money. Perhaps, if you’re considering a holiday this year, travel within the UK to save on expensive flights. You could also reduce vehicle running costs by walking to places that you would usually drive a short distance to. Another idea is to consider the current packages you have with suppliers like your internet provider – review them and see if there are cheaper deals available. These small adjustments can make considerable savings as time goes by.

2. Become the perfect planner

Balancing your income and outgoings is all part of becoming a fantastic financial planner, and this isn’t the only type of forward-thinking you could improve upon this year. Tightening up your general organisation skills will allow you to reach your dream of becoming a business owner much more quickly – so it’s time to put some systems and processes in place.

Create a to-do list with clear priorities, separate big tasks into smaller ones, and schedule times to get everything done. Ensure there are clear deadlines too. Think also about the ways you can integrate technology to make your jobs easier, as using this to boost efficiency is key in running a company.

3. Learn valuable new skills

Bettering organisation is just one of many skills that can help prepare you for running your own business. You could look to boost your abilities in areas that are absolutely vital for a franchise business owner, such as lead generation and leadership.

To improve upon them, you could try to gain more experience within your current role. There may also be specific online courses you could take, or ones local to you.

4. Take risks

Strategic risk-taking is a skill in itself, and being able to propel your business will require it. But you’ll never progress to the growth stage if you don’t work up the courage and seize any of the franchise opportunities you’ve seen.

So be afraid no longer. The sooner you take the leap, the sooner you’ll able to enjoy the rewards of the franchise business owner life. It’s simply a case of making sure that you calculate the risks you take – and buying a franchise is generally considered a much safer option than starting a new business.

5. Ask for help where necessary

Analysing risks might not be your forte. Thankfully, you don’t have to assess each one yourself. The franchisor is there to assist with tasks such as decision-making. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask for help – they have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t, and are committed to making your business a prosperous one.

The franchisor will provide you with ongoing training and support too. This means you’ll have all that’s needed to make the franchise as successful as possible. With Rainbow, you can profit from our established brand too, increasing your chances of running a flourishing franchise business even further.

To take advantage of one of our franchises for sale and make 2019 your best year yet, request a callback from the Rainbow team today.

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