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5 Tips On Advertising Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Successfully setting up a new commercial cleaning company requires money and effort, but the hardest part of all is attracting clients. Word of mouth can only get you so far, especially when you’re starting out, so it’s crucial to have an advertising plan in place for maximum exposure.

Here, we offer five key tips on how to promote your commercial cleaning business effectively right from the very beginning.

1. Create a potential client database

The cleaning industry has spawned many profitable businesses. For as long as there are businesses, there will be a demand for cleaning companies, and whilst this is promising for your business, it also guarantees intense competition.

That’s why you need to build up a database of potential clients right away. Speak to your friends and family members to see if they know anyone who requires your services. The bigger the client base you have to begin with, the better.

2. Conduct competitor analysis

We’ve already explained how cleaning is super competitive, and it’s smart to take a look at what your rivals are doing before you get started. This will help you position yourself away from the crowd and make your business stand out.

For example, if all the cleaning companies in your area don’t offer a particular service, you could break the mould.

Specialist cleaning services can demand much higher rates than run-of-the-mill basics. Competitor analysis ensures you remain on top of industry trends and don’t lose sight of the pack.

3. Establish your marketing plan

Every business needs a marketing plan. From social media networking to a strategy for utilising traditional media, such as local press, consider how you can generate a steady stream of enquiries once you’re up and running.

4. Speak to local councils and businesses

During the business boot-up period, never be afraid to do some door-knocking or speak to people on the phone. If you don’t ask, you don’t get – it’s as simple as that.

A good place to begin is with local authorities. There could be several council-owned premises in need of cleaning, and even if there aren’t, those in charge may be able to guide you towards relevant business support bodies.

Also, keep an eye out for when businesses are moving in and out of premises – this is the time when they’ll actively be on the lookout for cleaning services.

5. Attend relevant business events and network

Take advantage of all the business and networking events available in your local area. In cities, there’s likely to be an event happening almost every single day – it’s just a case of finding one that suits you.

Float around different networking groups until you find a get-together that feels right. It could prove to generate a considerable amount of business in the future.

Ever considered a commercial cleaning franchise?

With a specialist cleaning franchise like Rainbow, the advertising is already done for you – although you can still have a say in how your branch is promoted moving forwards.

If you’re interested in seizing the opportunity to run a commercial cleaning franchise business, book a call with our team today. We’d be delighted to give you all the information you need.