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5 Types Of Restoration Jobs You’ll Encounter

April 24, 2017
5 Types Of Restoration Jobs You’ll Encounter

The specialist cleaning and restoration sector can throw up many surprises; it’s the nature of the work. But if you’re thinking about purchasing a franchise from Rainbow International, you may be wondering what’s waiting on the other side. Although our training programme will equip you to handle any scenario that arises, it’s good to know what you’re in for, from a managerial perspective.

Certain jobs, more than others, form the bread and butter of our business. Here are five that are likely be central to your Rainbow journey:

1. Flood damage treatment

Flooding can devastate businesses and livelihoods, plying a structure with silt, damp and serious water stains. Specialist restoration teams, under your command, will extract the water, drying walls, furniture and carpeting as best they can.

Mobile extraction units are a common sight amongst cases of severe flood damage, seeing as they don’t rely on a local power generator, which may have been nullified in a natural catastrophe.

2. Biohazard clean-ups

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their workers from illness or chemical infection. A biohazard incident – that is, anything involving a contaminate, whether that be a large-scale deposit of raw foods, noxious liquids or human waste – can shut down a business in a heartbeat.

Restoration workers seek to limit the spread of harmful substances or contagions; they’re able to disinfect an area, purifying the air and surfaces of lingering pathogens.

3. Fire restoration

A serious fire can wreak havoc on a home or business premises. The family in question will have to relocate until restorative work gets underway, as the building will be full of soot, singe marks and carcinogens spread deep within material fabrics.

Rainbow International specialise in restoring properties to their previous state. This involves, amongst other things, the decontamination of carpets and rugs, and banishing the awful burnt odour that’s remained in the fire’s aftermath.

4. Asbestos removal

Before the turn of the century, asbestos was used extensively as a fire retardant and home insulator. It is very hazardous when disturbed, however, potentially causing lung disease if it’s inhaled over a long period of time.

Companies like Rainbow can remove asbestos without threatening the health of our staff or customers. Since many properties still have a measure of asbestos within them, it’s crucial to work safely, and thoroughly, to ensure it’s eradicated.

5. Leak detection

Finding the source of a leak can be tough, considering the complexities of building architecture. Floors, ceilings, cavities and unprotected blind spots in an interior are at risk of damp and mildew, not to mention burst piping. Our franchise branches often have specialist equipment, like infrared scanners, to isolate, analyse and combat the source of a leak, wherever it may stem from.

You’ve gotten the lay of the land – now it’s up to you for a full commitment to these services, emboldening them with your leadership skills. Take the next steps to your franchise bid, and see what else is hovering at the gates of your future career.