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A Retrospective On UK Flood Damage

December 8, 2017
A Retrospective On UK Flood Damage

Rainbow International offer ambitious entrepreneurs a fantastic opportunity to realise their dream of running a franchise business. But we also present them with a chance to make a real difference in the world.

Extreme weather has plagued Britain almost every winter since the turn of the millennium, rendering Rainbow more important than ever before. As specialist cleaning and restoration experts, our services help people get back on their feet in the wake of natural disaster. According to projections, rainfall is only set to increase; and the demand for damage repair will rise right alongside it.

Here, we’ve counted the cost of UK flood damage over the past few years, illustrating just how vital we are and will continue to be. By joining us, you’ll have a huge role to play…


The impact of inclement weather in Britain

Every year, the UK seems to suffer record rainfall. It’s a very British thing to complain about how “this is the worst winter in memory”. Nonetheless, one look at the Met Office statistics reveals there’s more than a hint of truth in these grievances.

Six of the seven wettest years on record in the UK have all occurred since 2000. The ramifications have cost the government a staggering amount of money, with around £2.2 billion spent on flooding defence, management and recovery every year.

Inclement weather has been causing chaos in Britain over the past two decades, with genuine concerns that this will not just continue, but worsen in the long run. In summer 2017, the Met Office predicted there could be ten years of record rain on the horizon.

Whilst we cannot prevent bad weather from directly affecting us, we can take measures to be prepared for when it does. Following flooding, Rainbow are always waiting in the wings to offer crucial support.


How Rainbow franchisees can help

Our teams are dispersed to hundreds of flood sites each year, assigned with conducting all the necessary renovation work to restore homes and venues to their pre-incident conditions in a tight time period.

As a Rainbow franchisee, you can direct these recovery squads to the locations that require their skills, actively counteracting the devastating effects of flooding and making a positive impact.

Debris and damp left behind by water damage is hygienically cleansed with high-grade equipment, ensuring minimal downtime for businesses and putting people back in their homes as soon as possible.


How to join our cause

Rainbow’s UK franchise opportunities are rewarding in all kinds of ways, and you can get involved by heading over to our Next Steps section.

Simply enter your details and you’ll be booked in for a call. Download our prospectus and read up on Rainbow whilst you wait, learning more about how our brand is helping people all over the country on a daily basis.

You’ll be doing something truly remarkable when you choose a Rainbow franchise business. If you think you’ve got what it takes, it will prove to be the most gratifying career move you ever make.