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A Service-Led Franchise Business: Why Is It So Attractive?

October 5, 2017
A Service-Led Franchise Business: Why Is It So Attractive?

Franchise business opportunities wear many faces. But few are as unique in nature as the service sector. By giving you a chance to deal with real people and thriving businesses, it offers variety and satisfaction that can be hard to achieve from other franchise models.

Why is this? Have you thought about it yourself as you’re scouting for a franchise bid? We’d like to delve into the reasons for heading a service-led business model, and the advantages you can look forward to…


Valuing the personal experience

Let’s make no bones about it – we love to see, speak and listen to those we’re helping through the day, and to be recognised for a talent. Service businesses live or die on how they treat their customers. A Rainbow International team, as one example, goes to great lengths for its clientele, whether that’s restoring the lives of families after disaster, or helping a business make the most of its premises.

Service franchise businesses get to enter a vital corner of someone’s life. Instead of being a distant, anonymous presence, we’re right up in the space of those we cater for. As such, customers regularly go out of their way to share positive feedback, such as the comments below:

Can I just take this opportunity to say that George who dealt with our drying out process was exceptional. His knowledge and expertise in dealing with a difficult 100+ year old property with its inevitable ‘normal’ damp problems present, was invaluable in finding the necessary level of drying required (and what would be overall) I cannot thank him or recommend him highly enough.


Fast-acting changes

Every venture changes over time. You may be seeking a way to reduce overheads, add a fresh speciality to the service, or reshuffle your staff so they’re more suited to one role or another. For some businesses, this is a tough ask – manufacturers have to jump through many hoops (redesigns, testing, configuring new processes etc.) to enact a transition, whilst retail is similarly constrained.

Service-centric franchise businesses don’t have the same issues. Outside of the structure of the service itself, it’s quite easy to adjust how you operate. As long as you keep the core offering the same – a skilful, convenient solution – then other concerns are simple to address. Most of them, anyway, rely on management strategies, which a natural leader is good at dealing with.


Competitive advantage can be free

The ultimate grade of a service isn’t how flashy or exclusive you might seem. As we’ve said, it rests squarely on the quality and speed of the solution you’re representing. Yes, there’s a lot of competition to fight against (unless the service is incredibly niche), but many of your headline benefits don’t cost a thing…

Instead, effort is rewarded for tapping into what clients really want. Context is important; networking, which we’ve written about recently, can do much for a service franchise business. Focusing on one area over another – specialist cleaning for warehouses, for example – can make your service all the more necessary for a particular demographic, honing your prospects and their relevant value.

If you ask us, managing a service brand is the finest way to earn a living. And when UK franchise opportunities like ours give you a template for success, the possibilities are endless. See why Rainbow International could be the name you choose for a franchise business that you’ll find truly rewarding.