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A Spotlight On… UK Franchise Opportunities In Manchester

November 27, 2017
A Spotlight On… UK Franchise Opportunities In Manchester

When we think of Britain, what springs to mind? The spires of London? Dover’s piercing white cliffs? Or perhaps – increasingly – it is the thrumming, inspired face of Manchester, a city that’s rivalling our capital for growth and commercial investment.

Manchester has always punched high in its poetry, music and visual art scenes. People love living here. Yet it is also one of the most fertile grounds for UK franchise opportunities, which are flowering across the region.

Rainbow have a franchise for sale in North or South Manchester… So before you look into it further, we want to explain why these prospects are worth snapping up.


A huge spread of tastes and skills

Collectively, 2.73 million people live in the Greater Manchester area. Out of those, almost a quarter reside in the city itself, making for 520,000 Rainbow prospects. In the last 10 years, it has become an epicentre for new jobs and creative sectors, as students, families and young professionals have shaped parts of it in their own image.

A trip down Deansgate, for instance, exposes you to dozens of glossy, high-windowed restaurants and offices. Old warehouses gaze out to finance centres in the heart of Spinningfields; there’s a real sense of progression as Manchester trades on its past and cosmopolitan present, with each enjoying space in its blueprint for the 21st century.

Further up, you’ll run into progressive shops and eateries in the Northern Quarter. Then there’s Oxford Road, leading to play houses and a massive student population of 99,000 – one of the largest in Europe.

Ideas get a chance to flourish here because there are so many demographics to explore. A franchise for sale in Manchester opens you to a diverse range of demographics, neighbourhoods and business concepts, ideal for the ambitious entrepreneur.


A strong, international economic force

The numbers don’t lie – Manchester is making a serious contribution to the UK economy as a whole. It accounts for £56bn of GDP every year, far more than West Yorkshire, Merseyside and the North East.

Part of this is down to Manchester’s status as a test tube for start-up businesses. Co-working offices are very popular, and affordable, which gives any young company room to breathe and make connections. A 2.8% growth statistic is forecast, annually, until 2024. Entrepreneurialism is driving much of this, forcing tech, transport, hospitality and creatives into lucrative pastures.

So, what does it offer you as a franchisee? A Rainbow International franchise business in Manchester can treat any of the industries we’ve mentioned, as well as those we haven’t. We have the strategies, resources and marketing potential to serve hundreds of clients a year. Specialist cleaning is our hallmark – we deliver it to a level that these companies and public sector organisations can really appreciate.


So, are you ready to capitalise on the opportunity provided by the Northern Powerhouse? If you want to discuss a franchise for sale in Manchester, call our recruitment advisors, or browse current territories on our website.

Main image credit: Zuzanna Neziri at Flickr