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A Spotlight On… UK Franchise Opportunities In Sunderland & Jarrow

September 27, 2017
A Spotlight On… UK Franchise Opportunities In Sunderland & Jarrow

What comes to mind when you think of the North East? It may be the bright lights of Newcastle, the rugged beauty of the Cumbrian heartland, or the cobbles and architecture of Durham. All of these regions have some great business advantages, if you care to look for them…

But there’s more to discover – UK franchise opportunities in Sunderland & Jarrow, for instance, have distinct perks for aspiring business owners. A franchise business with Rainbow International can give you a fantastic leg-up in the region, but let’s take a look at what exactly makes this area of Britain such a brilliant prospect…


The highpoints of a franchise business in Sunderland 

Sunderland, lying just over 14 miles south of Newcastle on the coast, founded its economy on a thriving ship-building industry that established the town’s status in the North East. Although times have changed and the city has moved on, it’s still home to 280,000 people – who favour the locality for its affordable living and business costs.

Thanks to investments by Nissan, TRW, and a host of other big names, 10,000 workers are carrying the manufacturing heritage forward. Other brands – such as Barclays and Nike’s UK headquarters – have also established roots in the area.

Steadily, the town has climbed out of the post-1960s economic slump that afflicted it; value output is expected to grow by almost 13% in the next 10 years. As such, a franchise business in Sunderland is full of potential for entrepreneurs with ambition.


Exploring UK franchise opportunities in Jarrow

Moving back towards the River Tyne, we might examine Jarrow – a town that’s in close proximity to Newcastle, Gateshead and County Durham. Again, it has a proud costal culture, with a smaller but equally industrious demographic.

A 15-minute drive takes you to South Shields, ushering franchisees to wider parts of the North East business landscape. By heading up a Rainbow International branch, you’ll be exposed to several outlying communities along the coast, which may require disaster recovery when bad weather comes upon them.

The key to Jarrow’s appeal is the centrality: you’re less than an hour from many diverse urban hotspots, all of which hold businesses, neighbourhoods and networking groups that could benefit from the specialist cleaning and restoration services provided by Rainbow.

If you’re looking to start a business in the North East, a low cost franchise in Jarrow and Sunderland has much to offer. With affordable running costs, an up-and-coming economy and a landscape that regularly requires disaster recovery support, it’s the perfect base for a Rainbow International franchise business.


With expert training and guidance from our team, your leadership dreams can be realised. The Next Steps are waiting to be discovered, so make the leap to see what a franchise bid in Sunderland and Jarrow could do for your future.