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Do You Need To Be Ruthless In Business?

February 4, 2019
Do You Need To Be Ruthless In Business?

It’s a commonly shared belief that in order to succeed in business you have to be brutal. But what does that mean for the modern workplace?

In an age where commercial ethics mean everything, it’s hard to imagine that ruthlessness in business would be rewarded. Yes, in the short term perhaps those who display these tendencies within the workplace may be successful in sales-based positions, but business owners are scrutinised today more than ever.

Social media has connected us to brands in a way that allows two-way conversation; employers who clearly act malevolently will face public backlash. In this article, we explore why ruthlessness in business doesn’t equal success.

The value of ethical leadership

Businesses in the current commercial climate operate at a higher visibility than they used to. If you want to encourage clients and employees to work with you, then you have to create an environment of trust. Credibility and accountability are interlinked: both are required to maintain a sales funnel, and both come as a result of clear, principled leadership.

Your actions define your brand. You can’t be seen to be publicly berating employees or colleagues if your values are supposedly friendly or supportive. Reports of poor business practice spread like wildfire on social media and small businesses can’t afford to have their brand persona negatively affected.

At Rainbow, we ensure all our franchise businesses share our core values, promoting the necessity of a compassionate employer and actively discouraging behaviour that would be perceived as ruthless.

Encouraging success of others helps retain staff

Employees want to work for businesses that promote personal development. No one wants to stagnate professionally; it’s in the interest of both the employer and employee for staff to build on their abilities. Not only will they get more satisfaction from a workplace that creates this environment, but they’ll be able to give the company more in terms of skill.

Staff that feel neglected and underappreciated aren’t likely to stick around. Their morale low, they’ll begin to build an atmosphere that threatens the longevity of any new members of staff. This aside, you will find it difficult to hire new employees if you can’t offer room to grow.

For a specialist cleaning company, your best opportunity for growth would be to encourage skill-building in all employees, so that they can support you in expanding your operation.

Relationship-building drives business

If you’re a startup or the leader of an SME, it’s challenging to get ahead without support. Ruthlessness doesn’t inspire trust, and in the majority of industries, good faith from a variety of partners and investors is a must.

As a Rainbow franchise business, you’re encouraged to network frequently as a means of securing clients and establishing yourself within the community. It’s one of our prerequisites to become a franchisee; if you’re unable to engage with local businesses and community leaders, you’ll struggle to find success as a cleaning and restoration organisation.

Demonstrating an image of fairness and equal opportunities will make you desirable in a networking scenario, and introducing other business leaders to one another and being seen as a reputable employer makes you a popular presence in any community.

Ruthlessness may seem like an easy route to success, but you’ll be building your foundations on sand rather than stone. Poor public image, weak relationships and no internal progression plan will likely result in stunted growth.

If you’re interested in seeing the blueprints of ethical and sustainable business leadership, speak to a member of our team today. At Rainbow, we know what approaches work and our techniques have a proven record of success. 

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