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New Year, New Me: Becoming Your Own Boss In 2019

January 27, 2018
New Year, New Me: Becoming Your Own Boss In 2019

When 1st January arrives, many of us seek ways to be our best selves. That can mean different things to different people. But a rewarding professional change is definitely on the resolution list of countless people up and down the country.

Rainbow International have encountered dozens of new business leaders who, in the New Year, decide to become the leader they aspire to be.

A franchise business can really make this achievable. It’s often considered safer than speeding headlong into a new, groundless startup venture.

Want to be your own boss at last? Think on some of the following steps behind working for yourself in 2019…


Find an industry that’s very profitable

Over the festive season, consider two things: the kind of business you want, and the sort you’ll never get tired of. Both aren’t exclusive.

Someone with a passion for golf may run their own course with great enthusiasm, yet find that it wanes over time as their much-loved hobby becomes more of a responsibility. Look at your skill set and imagine where it could take you. A lot of industries have leadership potential.

In a franchise, you’re judged largely on your ability to handle people, find work and commit to a promise. UK franchise opportunities range from hospitality and retail roles to those of a more specialist nature, like commercial cleaning and disaster recovery.

That’s what Rainbow provide to our customers. They value our work, especially when they’re struck by something unforeseen – which is why specialist cleaning can often transform lives for the better.

Recessions don’t harm this sector either. Businesses are more likely to be struggling, and lose out to the competition, if they let their venues degrade with mould, dirt or frost. Many of our franchisees have their own preferences for jobs to take on. Specialist cleaning is one of the most diverse tasks imaginable.


Make a safer start in your new role

A franchise business doesn’t just provide access to great customers and networking support. You also have a territory all to yourself. Other branches won’t compete in the same place. With a recognised niche – such as the kind that we’ve managed to fill – you can easily form a solid client base.

Plus, there’s less risk of collapsing as you’re finding your feet. 40% of startups fail in the first five years. Franchising, by contrast, is much more reliable.

You put up a capital investment and are compensated with a reputable brand, proven framework and an extensive mentor programme.

If this will be your initial foray into running a business, then owning a franchise could make all the difference for what you’re able to achieve.

Rainbow’s HQ and your fellow franchisees can help you overcome any obstacles you may face in the venture. When there’s a difficulty, we’re only a phone call away – we’ll prepare you for life as a franchisee anyway, thanks to our two-week boot camp.

So, how does the new year look now? Brighter, perhaps, with a Rainbow franchise offer to aim for? Make a resolution and take the next steps to a change that’ll see you fulfil your potential.