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5 Ways To Boost Franchise Sales

November 10, 2019
5 Ways To Boost Franchise Sales

Looking to grow your franchise? Check out our 5 ways to boost franchise sales and watch your campaigns dramatically improve.

1. Build a good brand reputation
2. Run seasonal promotions
3. Experiment with innovative franchising marketing
4. Personalise your customer service
5. Request and act upon client feedback

A franchise business can’t exist on incoming leads alone. Sure, name recognition will take your company some of the way. However, if you really want to increase franchise sales, you need to maximise the number of business opportunities you come across.

Of course, to do that you need a business plan. This plan needs to be more thorough than the initial plan you presented to secure your franchise. You need to include a franchise strategy for growth to meet your goals.

To help you boost your franchise and track development, we’ve provided the guide below. It gives five essential steps to growing your franchise and is designed to help you understand exactly what a robust franchise strategy is.

1. Establish a strong brand reputation

This step is easier said than done, but building up your presence in any territory should be one of your overarching aims. All successful franchises operate by positioning their brand as a powerful alternative to local competition. Once done, you can begin to build up a network of happy clients. This will help you use business funds to differentiate your brand further.

Having a firm foothold in your surrounding area will help expand your business in the long run. That’s why purchasing low-quality franchise leads for sale in the form of databases is not recommended. Instead, use social media to monitor local views and be sure not to overstretch yourself or you may risk losing the reputation you’ve already earned.

The more secure you are in a territory, the less restricted you are in terms of increasing advertising spend or running campaigns outside of your primary markets.

2. Run seasonal promotions

One such marketing exercise you can perform in order to secure additional business (should your franchisor permit it) is to run seasonal promotions.

This doesn’t have to be limited to the holiday periods; however, it helps to tie any competitions or sales to a commercialised occasion as you’ll seize the shoppers or clientele already looking to spend.

While it has waned somewhat in recent years, retail businesses and other organisations have seen demand increase by almost 8% around Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday, Bonfire Night and Halloween.

It goes without saying that, at Christmas, sales are likely to increase, but by how much depends on the nature of your franchise.

So, if you’re intending to launch a big campaign, it stands to reason you should strategically announce it when people are in a buying mindset. Otherwise, you risk lowering your prices and hosting a competition only to receive little engagement and lose the significance of the initiative in future attempts.

3. Experiment with innovative franchising marketing

Existing franchisees will have already tinkered enough with their marketing campaigns to know exactly what works in their territory. They will have already ventured outside of the small business ideas typical of startups and found techniques that gain traction in their immediate client base.

Experimenting is one of the joys of buying a franchise. You have the safety net of a tried-and-tested model without the restraint of being an employee. But innovation is also a requirement of modern enterprises – according to a recent study, 84% of customers say it’s an important factor in their buying decision.

Trial different approaches at networking events.

Maybe use local newspapers or radio stations to get across your unique selling point and specialist skills. However, you choose to market your franchise, make it original and creative – but ensure it aligns to your franchisor’s expectations too.

4. Personalise customer service

One of the benefits of being an outsider to a territory is that you can recognise customer pain points. If your competitor’s customer service is lacking, for example, you can market yourself as a solution to them.

By identifying areas where potential leads are struggling to justify their current relationship with your competitors, you can amend your service (and the way you market it) so that it appears more valuable by comparison.

The important thing here is to make your service personable. Local businesses won’t be uprooted by a contender that’s faceless. You need to promote the human aspect of your operation by building relationships and routinely appearing at local business groups. In this way, you’ll embed yourself in the community.

5. Request and act upon client feedback

Franchise development cannot only come from within. If you want to know exactly what needs to be improved, regularly ask your clients what it is about your service that can be augmented or enhanced.

In much the same way that you can capitalise on your competitors’ weaknesses, they will similarly be looking for chinks in your armour. So, ask the clients who you know will give you some constructive criticism – and act upon it. Not only does this help you stay competitive, but it will boost customer loyalty if they can see their feedback is making an impact.

Without this level of reflection, you’ll stagnate and never truly learn how to increase franchise sales. The research and customer feedback conducted by your team will help inform your future franchise strategy and improve your franchise sales process as a result.

At Rainbow, we ensure that our franchisees are conducting business research alongside the use of our resources to maximise their sales and continue to grow.

We encourage our members to always remain in tune with their customers’ thoughts and feelings within the market. We suggest all franchisees network so that they can make fruitful business connections.

However, you won’t be expected to do this alone. With our extensive marketing support and rigorous onboarding process, we’ll ensure that you build a successful sales strategy.
So, what’s stopping you? Get in touch today and discover your perfect territory.