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Why Franchise Brand Consistency Is So Important For Business

January 18, 2020
Why Franchise Brand Consistency Is So Important For Business

Earning the keys to a franchise brand puts you in control – but not fully. You can choose which staff, jobs and professional relationships to take on. Yet the business – as an extension of the franchisor’s – has rules to follow.

The brand itself is a critical element of any business, and a leading reason why franchising is so attractive. But you need to maintain what the franchisor has already established to ensure you keep appealing to your target audience. What’s worked before will keep working if you stick to the playbook.

Today, we’d like to talk about the importance of brand consistency. There’s more to it than meets the eye…

It clearly defines what your business is and does

What your business is (how products or services present themselves) and does (the results they lead to) are two separate things. A brand helps to describe that to an audience.

A sugary soft drink like Pepsi, for example, seeks to appeal more to teenagers and young adults. Therefore, its marketing reflects youth and high energy. Memorable brands like these have a set of ‘traits’ that (although fabricated) are designed to tell customers what they’re getting.

Then, as the business’ core value proposition is honed over time, the ‘voice’ of the brand may change. Some elements stay the same, whereas others – like the Lipton tea slogan in this example – evolve to keep pace with new trends and desires.

As a franchisee, your brand image will already have a shape, aesthetic and tone of voice. It could be bold, caring or creative. It might focus on the security and peace of mind it gives to the end user. Or it might challenge people, their expectations, and their previous way of doing things. Whatever the case, the brand gives a taste of what your business does and is a representation of its value.

Your reputation is cemented

When there’s little confusion about what a business stands for, it’s easier to recommend. A franchise brand can’t be successfully rolled out unless it has shown it can perform well, and people begin to associate the logo and tone of voice with those results.

However, that places extra pressure on consistent brand management. As Warren Buffet once said, “It takes twenty years to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it.” Every new franchisee has to be carefully selected to ensure that they uphold the brand and don’t undermine years or decades of work.

This extends to the processes beneath the brand – the day-to-day tasks you’ll carry out. Franchise marketing can only go so far to convince customers that something is valuable to them. Really, it is your ability to meet the standards set by branding that will secure and retain clients.

Working quickly and delivering a great product are part of this. So is organisation, punctuality, and good customer service, along with the more unique aspects of the business.

It differentiates you from competitors

The brand is the pre-existing weapon to help you carve out a place in the market. SMEs and startups don’t have as much of a head start. 19% of all small businesses fail because their competitors outperform them. They struggle to push an effective marketing campaign as an audience and strategy has to be built from scratch.

A franchise brand has much less trouble – it is already established. Existing marketing strategies show what works, what doesn’t, and where the franchise’s characteristics can be demonstrated to full effect.

Small distinctions can make a huge difference when it comes to who customers choose for a similar offering. Here are a couple of key factors:

A signature colour can boost recognition by 80%, according to Colour Matters.

50% of companies were creating more content as part of their marketing plan in 2019, compared to 2018.

Only a select few companies (26%) have brand guidelines that their employees can find with ease.

Together, these can determine how well your team performs their role, and whether people find you and pick you out among the rest. By ignoring the franchise brand, you’ll realise it’s harder to set yourself apart in local communities.

It unlocks growth opportunities

Additionally, local marketing primes you for growing elsewhere – such as a new market or territory.

One customer may recommend you to their neighbour, who may then also push your name to a family, friend or colleague. Since they trust the brand, the next person trusts them. But only if the brand lives up to the marketing message and levels of quality it’s set for itself.

That’s how a franchise brand can spread: by fulfilling a promise that began in one location, and treating another with the same winning formula.

Consistent marketing can also attract new franchisees. How? By amplifying its reputation and promoting what prospective leaders like yourself may want – a great business model, excellent training, and working on your own schedule.

Then, if a franchise comes up for resale or there’s scope to expand into new regions, the franchisor can fill the vacant territory in no time at all. The brand’s momentum doesn’t slow. And since the internal messaging has been so strong, they know exactly what to tell franchisees to maintain branding.

Benefit from an established brand today

There’s too much riding on a solid franchise brand – locally, nationally and internationally – for it to be uncertain or contradictory. This is why a franchisor will ask that you uphold its standards.

For reference, bear in mind that:

A customer should have an idea of what they’re buying before they buy. Digital marketing and other techniques mirror the value of your services or products.

You inherit a reputation when you join a franchise – an advantage that small businesses don’t have. It allows you to start earning almost immediately.

Marketing materials define your USPs – the immediate associations that help you beat competitors in the local area.

Franchise marketing, when done right, lays the groundwork for both more franchisees and a wider customer base.

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