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Break Up With Your Boss This New Year

January 20, 2020
Break Up With Your Boss This New Year

A new decade shouldn’t be started with more of the same. It should be the motivation you need to get out of the rat race and start being paid for something you enjoy.

Sure, you might have commitments or worries that have been stopping you from making that leap until now – but, thanks to franchising, you don’t have to risk it all in order to secure the ideal working arrangement. Today, would-be entrepreneurs are able to achieve their ambitions with a model that is proven to work.

So, rid yourself of self-imposed routine and check out the biggest benefits of becoming a franchisee in our article below.

Enjoy genuine autonomy

Aren’t you tired of working to someone else’s standards? As a franchisee, you have the opportunity to apply your unique approach to that of a strong industry contender. As their product or service is proven to be successful, you’ll have room to experiment with your marketing and delivery.

Obviously, the restrictions vary between franchises, but franchisors generally seek out applicants who are capable of offering their own insight and generating new ideas.

You’ll also have a wealth of successful campaigns performed by other franchisees to lean on if you’re ever struggling for ideas. If you feel you may be limited in your social media knowledge, for example, research what your peers are doing and implement that in your own branch.

Whilst you’re working to find your own angle on whatever industry you’re in, enjoy the added perks of choosing your own working hours and picking clients that prove the most rewarding.

Increase your take-home pay

Speaking of working hours, by choosing your own shift pattern, there’s capacity to earn more in your new role.

For example, at Rainbow, once you carve out a foothold in your new territory, there’s nothing stopping you from maximising your earnings. In fact, we’ll do everything we can to help create that pipeline of potential clients for you.

Truthfully, any good franchise business will offer you sales and marketing support tailored towards generating leads. Whether that’s in the form of an internal team or by supplying style guides, it’s crucial if you are to establish yourself in a new area.

What’s more, you’ll receive the training necessary to deliver an unrivalled service – one that will test the loyalties of your target audience and see them leaving nearby competitors for you. It’s this comprehensive preparation that sets good franchisors apart from the rest and makes its franchisees more likely to succeed.

Start completely afresh

Aside from an increased income and freedom from the confines of the corporate world, franchises provide a legitimate escape. For many, their talents aren’t nearly being used in their current roles, and it isn’t until they join an industry they enjoy that they start reaching their potential.

A high-quality franchisor will recognise your aptitude at your application stage. Specifically, we want those who are invested in our ethos and genuinely believe they can bring something new to it.

It’s this passion that will set you apart on discovery days and will be rewarded with the training and support you need to become a successful business owner.

At Rainbow, for example, we provide all the latest machinery for our specialist cleaning and restoration experts. This is our way of delivering on the promise of a better means of working and supporting you in your takeover of new territories.

But our help doesn’t end there. We’re always looking for ways to optimise your chances of success after buying a franchise. We return your investment with valuable insights and regular business advice from our internal team.

Ready? Speak to a member of our team today to find out how you can break up with your boss and achieve personal and professional growth unlike any other.