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Building A Franchise Branch: What Might Your Team Look Like?

May 25, 2017
Building A Franchise Branch: What Might Your Team Look Like?

As a leader of a Rainbow International branch, you have the opportunity to do wonderful work. But you won’t be alone. Each of our branches is supported by a team of specialist cleaning and restoration professionals, led by you at the helm.

When a business, venue or home is in dire need of a spruce up – or even a full-scale restoration – you’ll be swinging to action. Isn’t it time we divulged what that team will consist of? Read on for the typical, all-star line-up of the roles in a Rainbow territory…



Day-to-day, Rainbow technicians head out into the field, bringing their experience and skills to bear with the latest training. You’ll arm them with specialist machinery and chemicals, all of which have their place in getting a premises to look its best.

Several of them may be out at once for extensive projects, or a single technician could be all that’s necessary – talks with the client will guide your instincts for how many are required per project. The ideal Technician has a strong work ethic, a creative approach to decision-making, and the ability to treat large and small-scale jobs with the same rigour.


Junior Technician

If your branch grows to a certain point, there’ll be scope for a Junior Technician programme. These are less qualified workers who are nevertheless keen to tap into Rainbow’s brand and development opportunities.

Think of them as the shadow to a full Technician: they’ll be helping them on various assignments, acting under the senior worker’s instructions. Should you get to this stage, Junior Technicians will go under review, until you’re satisfied with their performance and promote them accordingly.


Field Co-ordinator

When the Technician taskforce begins to swell, you might struggle to give everyone the time, advice and direction they need. Managing Directors like yourself, of course, will be tied up in networking and finance control; when it’s too much to juggle, a Field Co-Ordinator can take over, filling the management gap.

Their task is to see which Technicians are relevant to incoming service requests. They’ll know who’s got a particular talent for something, such as asbestos removal or working at heights, and assign them accordingly, checking up on them through the shift. The quality of the work is paramount, and Field Co-Ordinators maintain it under your wing.



Fair enough: you may be happy with answering phone calls, speaking to customers directly, and rifling through paperwork and company receipts. The time will come, however, when you’ll find it takes too many hours out of your day. Many of our franchisees hire an Administrator or two to help with the back office workflow.

Invoice handling, secretarial duties, diary management… Such things are the core of an Administrator’s role. The two of you will probably be very reliant on what the other is doing, staying in close contact as projects trickle through.

What we’ve outlined right here is just a general map for your team building. Every Rainbow franchisee has the authority to hire and fire who they wish – and to plant any specialist where they feel it’s necessary. Take your Next Steps to a Rainbow International bid today, and locate your place at the head of a professional strike-force…