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Choose Franchising And Escape To The Country

October 10, 2019
Choose Franchising And Escape To The Country

For many of us, franchising is the route to freedom. Not only does it offer the opportunity to become your own boss, but it also enables you to escape the rat race too.

City life can lay a lot of pressure on us as people, workers and family members which is why many people choose franchising as they see it as a way out. You can still earn with a reliable business model, but in a place that’s far different from the one you may be used to.

With increasing urbanisation, this might just be one of the best times to make the move to the countryside.

Is the time right for a change of scenery?

Living in cities can take its toll, especially if you don’t take breaks in nature. Studies have shown that spending just a few hours in a natural environment each week can boost your wellbeing.

This isn’t surprising. We need peace and fresh air. It’s also important to be reminded that the rest of the world – beyond a city – is moving at a calmer pace, without the expectations of urban life.

You may be tired of the pollution or the crowds. Commuting can be unpleasant when you’re jammed in traffic for several hours a day or barely have enough room to stand on the morning train. Or perhaps you’re seeking a better quality of life, with more affordable accommodation.

Any of these reasons are valid. We’ve given dozens of franchisors the key to a countryside territory, and they often say it’s the best thing they’ve ever done.

How can a franchise for sale help?

Many people live in cities because the employment rates are higher, or there are more customers to find for startup brands. Starting a new business on your own, however, can be incredibly tough. And if you do want to work in a rural area, your chances of success are lower going solo.

A small business franchise gives you something that customers want from day one. Brands that offer territories around the country are successful enough to know their market, and how they can attract business beyond the city scene.

Here are several other reasons to consider franchising:

  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in the countryside already. Top franchisors can offer a territory close by, or give you a reason to move further afield.
  • You’ll have robust networking and service training. By joining local groups and member organisations, you’ll find more clients in rural communities.
  • In some cases, the work itself might be suited to the country. Rainbow International’s franchisees, for example, deal with disaster recovery as well as specialist cleaning. Both of those services are in high demand when floods, storms and heavy snow cause damage.

Could the time be ripe for a change? Discover our franchises for sale in the country; we can be your key to newer, freer work life. Speak to one of our franchise representatives and apply today.