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Choosing A Franchise Business: Is The Industry Important?

August 25, 2017
Choosing A Franchise Business: Is The Industry Important?

When looking for UK franchise opportunities, we tend to let a few, concrete thoughts guide our search. For one, there’s the question of funding: do we have enough, or how can we get more? Another might be the location of the franchise bid, as a perfect spot to launch and develop our leadership abilities.

But there’s another consideration at play – the actual nature of the business we’re getting into. Does the industry really matter? How (and to what degree) will it make us satisfied?

Just as we recently dissected the best franchise opportunities, and how to spot them, we’d like to explain what a preferred industry may or may not mean for your new career…

Uncovering the model behind the novelty

Any venture – even a low-cost franchise – may seem unique at first, buoyed by a quirk that makes it seem fun or maintenance-free. Coffee shops with a twist; activity centres; strange creative enterprises that foster a sense you can do anything under the sun…

Dig deeper though, and there’s a starker fact: chiefly, how to make a profit from a novelty. When you’re right in the thick of servicing customers, poring over spreadsheets and ordering materials, those mystical impressions will be sandwiched in the bread and butter of a healthy turnover.

However dazzling the concept may be, try to retain a cool, professional head, and imagine yourself behind the scenes. Don’t be fooled by an industry that promises an easy ride.

Staying passionate about a skill you love

‘Great’, you may think, ‘this small business franchise can finally be what I’ve always dreamt of doing…” An inspiring idea, surely, but one that puts that passion in danger, as the tough work ahead may reduce it to a chore.

A keen golfer, for instance, may jump at the chance to run a leisure centre with a sizeable course. Yet gradually, as the weeks drift by, they’ll be focused on membership fees, admin, hospitality issues… their ‘dream’ environment becomes a responsibility, instead of a guiltless pleasure.

It does help to have some fondness for what your franchise business represents; just be careful of overfamiliarity, and remember that most leadership roles return to the maxim of dealing with people well, beyond a surface interest.

Trusting in the right support

Let’s face it – some industries can be baffling. Those in construction, sciences, design and a slew of others may be inscrutable to an outsider, but this shouldn’t put you off exploring them. A reputable franchisor will show you how something works, and the ways in which your management skills can adapt to it.

Take it from us: Rainbow International, as a specialist cleaning and restoration franchise in the UK, has a very specific set of tools, strategies and principles to uphold. That’s why we send prospective leaders through a comprehensive training programme before we land them with a territory.

Through continuous support from our HQ, as well as numerous chances to quiz other franchise owners on their experiences, we cut the learning curve down to a fine, gentle gradient. Our franchise partners know we can give them a robust, functioning blueprint to earn as much as they want to.

Willing to take a different tack for choosing a franchise business? Follow our Next Steps to a Rainbow branch today.