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Counting The Cost Of Storm Doris

April 12, 2017
Counting The Cost Of Storm Doris

In Britain, we’re gradually acclimatising to severe weather, which is lashing our shores with ever more frequency. In February, however, we were hit with the worst storm of the year so far – Storm Doris, an Atlantic-born weather front that’s estimated to have caused £400m worth of damage across the country.

With thousands of homes and communities feeling the brunt of its impact (enabled by winds that reached 94mph in some areas), it’s rarely been clearer just how much of a toll climate change is carrying. With such incidents on the rise, your entry into the restoration and specialist cleaning sector is looking very attractive…


When anomalies become commonplace

We’ve already mentioned the astounding, collective figure of Doris’ aftermath, pinned mainly on structural repair work and travel disruption. This is, however, just the immediate bill of such an extreme weather event – millions of pounds are still waiting to be distributed by insurance companies, who’ve seen a massive spike in claims following the storm.

Towns, villages, industrial parks, the streets of our biggest cities… there was no limit to Doris’ influence. Scotland, the Midlands and the North of England faced the worst of the assault. There were many reports of huge, uprooted trees smashing into cars and homes; several people were badly injured, and one woman was killed after being struck by a stray roof tile.

This is no longer an anomaly. A greater store of rain in the atmosphere, alongside destabilised air currents, is making freak weather less of a shock, and more of an expected part of British life.

Such a trend is best exemplified by Storm Ewan, another (though less intimidating) low-pressure system that struck Great Britain less than a week after Doris. These occurrences have led to one in six English homes being at risk of flooding, every single year.


Your role in the clean-up…

So, heading into this turbulent new world, how can we prepare for the storms of the future?

Despite all the negative consequences of wild weather, it is providing a golden opportunity for service providers like Rainbow International, who work tirelessly to restore offices, properties and entire neighbourhoods to their previous state.

Our partners are inundated with calls from businesses looking to get their premises back on form, as well as homeowners that require a full, high-grade clean, ridding their rooms of dirt and water. We also distribute centrally-sourced work from insurers to our franchisees, providing a reliable source of income to supplement your own efforts.

With a growing demand for restoration specialists, there’s never been a more attractive time to invest in a Rainbow branch. You can change thousands of lives for the better, all while landing a healthy profit margin.

Customers will turn to you for their comfort, security and wellbeing – are you going to heed the call? For a rewarding franchising career, get in touch today, and discover how every cloud has a silver lining…