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A Day In The Life Of A Rainbow Partner

April 27, 2017
A Day In The Life Of A Rainbow Partner

For anyone who’s followed our online thoughts, you’re well aware of our passion for the franchising experience. Rainbow International seeks to enliven your sense of what’s possible in the specialist cleaning and restoration sector, and why you might just be the perfect helmsperson for one of our branches.

Yet, also, we’ve spoken in passing about the real, moment-to-moment decisions you’ll make on the job. Curious to learn more? It’s high time we drew the curtain back on what some of our franchisees get up to…


Taking in the bigger picture

You don’t need any prior experience in the specialist cleaning industry to do well with our brand. All it takes, in most cases, is a strong mind for finance, operational management and people skills. Our business model requires a steady hand on the wheel, as opposed to readying your own cleaning gloves for an eight-hour shift.

The husband-wife franchisee duo of Dev and Krutika are a good example of this. “I tend to focus on accounts and HR”, she tells us, “while Dev spends most of his time overseeing the day-to-day operations and business growth.”

As a rule, you’ll be maintaining a great, friendly work environment, while keeping a close eye on client relationships, cash flow and project management.


Expanding your network

The people who go far in our selection process really want to engage with other professionals and explore opportunities for growth. As the leader of a regional territory, you’ll have to generate new links, deals and community relationships.

Glasgow-based Noreen is a good example of what to expect when hunting for new clientele: “Most of our business is self-generated, meaning I spend much of my week promoting the franchise through networking, exhibitions, talk and meetings,” she explains. This is all part of local marketing, which’ll be one of your firmest, personal stamps on the Rainbow branch.

And, truly, it’s what you make of it. The morning may be taken up with a networking breakfast, followed by a meeting with one or two potential business clients, discussing rates, needs and timescales.


Visiting a site on occasion

Whilst Keith, for example, likes to do the odd bit of leak detection on the job, it’s more of a conduit for team morale than anything else. Most of our franchisees take a trip to a cleaning/restoration site just to be sure that everyone’s happy, well-equipped, and executing their work as they should.

But again, we turn to Noreen, who speaks of her “hands-off approach” to client-led matters; she generally leaves this to her technical manager. It’s more about showing your face – and promoting yourself as someone who’s not afraid to muck in with the troops – than advising on chemicals and treatment strategies.

The above is just a snapshot of what you could expect as a Rainbow International partner. Jump into your franchise routine with all the vigour you can bring to our brand – contact us for the next steps, and see what your days will turn out to be…