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A Different Career Season: Why A Low Cost Franchise Could Be For You This Year

September 12, 2017
A Different Career Season: Why A Low Cost Franchise Could Be For You This Year

The end of summer signals change – but not just in season. This is a unique time of year when people often begin to reconsider their professional lives and aspirations. When you’re into the backend of your holiday, a rising sense of anxiety about returning to work proves something isn’t right.

If you’re suffering from post-summer blues or uncertainty about your current role, there are few better ways to reinvigorate your work/life balance than by buying a franchise. With summer long gone for another year, now is a prime moment to consider taking the leap forward. Here’s why…


A new adventure… without the risk

It’s natural to have reservations about moving in a new professional direction, especially a franchise that’s seeking investment to launch. However, if you select the right opportunity, you can embrace a whole new adventure without fretting over risk.

At Rainbow, our specialist cleaning and restoration services remain in demand all-year-round. You’ll be shepherded into our franchise network, meeting and querying current/old territory leaders as you learn the ropes of the business. It’s challenging, stimulating work with a safety net that follows your progression.


Work with a proven business model

An established, high-functioning, recession-resistant business model is as rare as a snowstorm in August – which is why you should never pass up the chance to run a franchise that utilises one.

The Rainbow business model has earned our company a fine reputation among clients and customers, encouraging repeat business year-on-year. When you’re part of the Rainbow family, you’ll have a recipe for success at your fingertips.


Enjoy a refreshing sense of stability

Many modern business markets are volatile, unpredictable, and decidedly unstable. It’s difficult to acquire a prominent position in any industry, and getting a fresh business branch off the ground requires equal helpings of luck and skill. Every entrepreneur craves success, but stability is essential for building a platform that carries you there at a manageable pace.

With a low cost franchise like Rainbow, you begin your journey with an investment, which grants access to the tools, guidance, and expertise you’ll need to build a highly profitable venture. Soon enough, you’ll be left to run your own business with a superb support network on-hand for advice.


The sooner, the better

It’s never a bad time to invest in a low cost franchise, but making moves now can pay dividends later down the line. Franchise models are appealing to all kinds of people, and many of the best are in high demand. Taking steps to become actively involved and declaring your interest now can increase your chances of being considered for the bid.

The innumerable benefits offered by the ‘business in a box’ model are alluring for many would-be business owners, so if you think this path could be for you, don’t hesitate to inquire.


Get the wheels turning on a new career vehicle by investing in a low cost franchise with Rainbow this autumn! Your future could be in franchising, and booking a call with one of our helpful team members can enlighten you about opportunities in the first falling leaves of the season.