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Does Unemployment Affect My Ambitions To Own A Franchise?

May 14, 2018
Does Unemployment Affect My Ambitions To Own A Franchise?

The most recent Office of National Statistics labour market bulletin revealed that the employment rate is currently at 75.4% – the highest since records began in 1971. Whilst this is obviously great news for our economy, it does mean that almost a quarter of the population is unsure of their next career move.

One option is to buy a franchise, although those who have had a period of unemployment may feel like this will make them less likely to be considered. However, this is not always the case.

Here we explain why unemployment should not affect your ambitions to own a franchise business, and how you can boost your chances of a successful application.


Explain the period of unemployment

A gap on your CV is likely to be questioned. You need to be able to explain it, and in a clear and concise way. Often, the more detail you provide, the less truthful it will sound. It’s also important not to lie, as this can easily be uncovered through references from previous employers.

In your proposal to become a franchise business owner, a period of unemployment will not matter so long as it is clarified. Looking after children or a family member, taking a career break, or overcoming a medical condition, are all adequate reasons that often won’t probe further questions.

A period of unemployment will not stop you from your franchise business dream; franchisors care significantly more about you having the necessary skills to be successful.


Demonstrate your abilities

Through previous roles, or even during your unemployment, you may have acquired the skills required. Rainbow have a page dedicated to explaining the type of franchise business owners we are looking for, and there a number of ways in which you can exhibit these qualities.

Strong managerial skills is no doubt the most important ability, and ideally you would have experience of managing a team in a working environment. If you do not, maybe you managed projects which involved ensuring colleagues or suppliers completed tasks on time; or you have done something outside employment, like leading a group which relates to your personal interests. If you feel your knowledge on leadership could be improved, there are several management courses that can help.

Franchise business owners need to be able to build great relationships, so communication and networking skills are vital. These can be illustrated by having liaised with colleagues and other stakeholders, whether by managing people or projects. If you have never networked before, a simple internet search will reveal plenty of events to attend in every industry and profession.

Motivation and ambition need to be shown also, and if you are passionate about running a franchise business and committed to dedicating time and effort to it, then this should shine through. Think about why you want to start a franchise business, and how you could drive it forward.

Rainbow provide specialist cleaning restoration services and, although you will need to be able to demonstrate the skills we have outlined above, you do not need to have a background in the industry. We also consider every application. This makes us the perfect opportunity for anyone that may be hesitant about applying to become a franchisee. To find out more about the franchising opportunities we have available, head over to our Next Steps section to book in a call.