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Dry January? There’s Never A Drought Of Work At Rainbow

January 9, 2019
Dry January? There’s Never A Drought Of Work At Rainbow

At the start of the year, you’re no doubt inundated with emails and offers from various companies promoting sales and massive January reductions. This is often to compensate for the spending dry spell that usually occurs straight after Christmas.

For a business owner, this period can be agonising. These companies rely on a successful December to keep them ticking over into the new year. The lack of customers can starve a B2C organisation, and B2B entities will similarly keep the purse strings tight as they prepare ahead of the next financial period.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, you’re in luck! Rainbow franchise businesses are never short of work all year round, and we currently have franchises for sale nationwide. In fact, winter provides the biggest opportunities of the year for Rainbow. Here, we highlight how you can find success in what is considered the tougher months by joining today.

Keep commercial lots free from claims

Starting with how you can support other companies, consider how a franchise business can protect the interior of commercial spaces. Cold temperatures often accompany extreme weather and strong winds that can cause damage to roofing. As the tiles get worn down, the space between them allows ice to form and crack, resulting in water pooling in between walls.

This is how mould starts – which, especially if you have employees, is something to be concerned about. Mould releases spores that aggravate breathing conditions and cause inflammation of the lungs. It is a legal requirement for workspaces to be a safe environment, so businesses need to tend to the issue immediately.

A franchise business can keep commercial clients safe from claims about poor working conditions. Claims of a health and safety nature are handled in criminal court and can completely devastate a business. Personal injury claims like these can be legally made up to three years after the alleged incident or three years after it is discovered an injury was linked to previous work.

Help sustain shelter for homeowners

It’s unfortunate that winter is at its most severe during the financial insecurity after Christmas. Water within a resident’s pipe system can cause a lot of damage in cold weather. Simply put, business franchises will have no shortage of work during these months as homeowners face faulty pipes and escape of water claims.

The freezing temperatures solidify the water inside plumbing systems, which then thaw and cause the pipe to burst somewhere inside the property. This won’t necessarily cause immediate damage though – a leak within your walls can take time to identify if not equipped with the proper tools. This is where Rainbow come in; we have the ability to offer support to individuals finding themselves in an unliveable property during the winter season.

Our team are armed with everything from acoustic listening devices to infrared thermal imaging, tracer gas and borescopes. You won’t find a better prepared team of restoration specialists able to stop a leak, without causing severe structural and surface damage. Franchise businesses are given the very latest in leak detection technology and make a living from helping communities suffering against the elements.

Want to be part of a business that has a client base all year round? Speak to a member of our team today to see how you can start making a difference to property owners near you.

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