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Exploring The Endless Opportunities For An East London Franchise Business

Choosing where to set up a franchise business in London is no easy feat. With so many different areas within it, how do you decide which one will bring you the most success?

There’s no need to look any further than East London. From the tourist hub of Tower Hamlets to the charming attractions at Waltham Forest, there are all sorts of franchise opportunities for a specialist cleaning business. A huge number of inhabitants and exciting activities make it the perfect place for a budding entrepreneur. Join us as we detail the key areas of this territory.

Tower Hamlets

With a population of over 200,000, you won’t struggle to find franchise opportunities in the borough of Tower Hamlets. It’s an irresistible location to move to due to the greenery surrounding it. Residents love walking around the expansive and picturesque Victoria Park, and exploring the wildlife in the meadows and woodland in Mile End Park. The area has even received praise and recognition for these open spaces.

It’s not just the inhabitants of Tower Hamlets who venture to scenic spots – tourists also flock there, taking in the stunning Columbia Road Flower Market every Sunday in Bethnal Green. Many enjoy tracing history at the wide range of landmarks too, including the famous Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

Additionally, the historical Museum of London Docklands in Canary Wharf sees its fair share of footfall. A taste of Indian culture can be had at the famously dubbed ‘Banglatown’, and many visit the UK’s largest inland fish market: Billingsgate. These hotspots will require the services of a specialist cleaning franchise business to ensure they can continuously entice both newcomers and residents alike.


Newham is also a thriving tourist area – but for very different reasons. It’s been luring people in since 2012, when the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was opened in Stratford. Few can resist the nostalgia of the Olympics 2012. People enjoy gazing at or dropping down the 376 ft ArcelorMittal Orbit, as well as swimming in the Olympic pool where champions have raced. This has led to significant investment and employment openings.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is looking to create 40,000 new jobs in its business zone by 2025. With copious startups already located here, a franchise can make the most of the opportunities immediately. There is also a vast array of retail and dining enterprises in Newham, with the Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre at its heart. The Olympic Stadium, now known as the London Stadium, has been home to West Ham FC since 2016. The area not only offers a mass cleaning space, but is another tourist enticer.

And some who visit choose to stay – this is because it’s one of the most affordable boroughs in the entirety of London. First-time buyers flood to new apartment developments that require a constant immaculate condition delivered by a specialist cleaning franchise business. There is a huge student population located here also, with the three University of East London campuses. Of the 17,000 students, some may opt not to live on campus – but they don’t stray far, instead living within the borough.


For those not classed as ‘young professionals’ and instead buying a family home, Redbridge is the sought-after area. The Office of National Statistics found that this borough had the most satisfied residents of all the city. A family-orientated place, its reputation for excellent schooling draws parents in. There are also a variety of green spaces and parks, including in Woodford – ideal for quiet, suburban living.

These benefits don’t mean it’s out of reach price-wise. Redbridge has affordable areas like the friendly Gants Hill and Seven Kings, along with the highly-priced, nature-filled settings such as Wanstead Flats.

Venturing into the city isn’t difficult – there are fantastic transport links. It’s easy to access the A406 and A12, and the rail networks mean commuters can quickly get to the centre. The latter includes the Crossrail – the Elizabeth line is expected to open in Autumn 2019, connecting to areas in the South West and South East.

Plenty can still live in Redbridge and earn high in the city. As a specialist cleaning franchise business, you’ll be able to get around incredibly easy. Other companies can also, allowing businesses to continue to prosper in East London and network with each other.

Waltham Forest

An area that is seeing immense business development is Waltham Forest. There are a lot of small organisations located here, thanks in large part to the sheer number of young professionals who have congregated in the borough. With reasonably priced house prices and swift commuting via the Victoria line, it’s becoming an increasingly appealing place to choose to live.

They are also attracted by the dining scene Waltham Forest has to offer. There’s quite the diversity including Caribbean cuisine at Jerk Hut for those who can handle their spice, a taste of the Middle East at Anatolia, along with a number of gastropubs that come strongly recommended by the locals.

Both professionals and families can’t resist the greenery that’s suggested by the borough’s name. It was once an infinite stretch of woodlands, and now has over 500 acres of green space. People enjoy visiting the Hollow Ponds, which is part of Epping Forest. This requires a flawless appearance – therefore the borough is in need of specialist cleaning by a franchise business, as are the startups and residences located here.

Set up a franchise business with Rainbow

Before you reap the rewards on offer in the various thriving boroughs of East London, you should decide which of the franchise opportunities you would prefer. You’ll want to guarantee that the franchisor has a strong history with a model that has been proven to work time and time again, just like Rainbow.

As an established brand, and with our ongoing training and support, you can count on your franchise business success being continuous.

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