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Fair-weather Franchising: How To Supplement Seasonal Business

June 19, 2017
Fair-weather Franchising: How To Supplement Seasonal Business

Ask around, and people are probably going to smile shiningly at the mention of our name. “Oh yes,” they’ll say, “the disaster recovery service! What great work they do when floods are running high…”

While we take great pride in this, however, there’s more to our brand than crisis remedy. A Rainbow franchise can take work on in any season; we don’t just wait for sandbanks to overflow before our teams hop in a van and secure new contracts.

As a prospective franchisee, it’s time you got the gist of other, all-year assignments we can deliver, aside from disaster relief…


Sanitising food manufacturing plants

Are there any hot button issues as prevalent as food contamination? It’s an industry risk that’ll never go away – companies need regular, thorough deep cleans to prepare their cooking, testing and packaging tools for the mass market.

Rainbow can get a production facility back to peak hygiene levels. Culinary brands are desperate to avoid infection/contamination; such issues can sink a business very easily. Long-term contracts, therefore, are in both of your interests, as the manufacturer can’t afford to have one half-hearted sterilisation job on their behalf.


Restoring public sector buildings

Sports halls, parks, community centres and government offices can all fall into disrepair. A shabby exterior – especially with chewing gum tacked to the pavement, or ugly graffiti colliding on a wall – ruins the aspirational values of the public sector. Someone has to step in and make those constructs box-fresh once again.

These clients are some of our most trusted and variable sources of revenue. Court them well, because the rewards are significant: you might be called to a school, a job centre, a council meeting hall, all of which spread themselves over the months ahead.


Handling sensitive industrial chemicals

There are so many raw, corrosive chemicals a factory might use in its operations. Industrial plants have to teach their employees about the dangers of handling them, of course, but those same people aren’t qualified to clean the premises with the same rigour and care.

Rainbow can move through highly toxic chemical environments, deploying the right tools for the job. Some franchisees relish the ultra-specialised nature of these tasks… If that appeals to you, aim for a network of manufacturers that mix, store and apply industrial compounds regularly.


Cleaning refuse areas

A poorly maintained bin space isn’t good news for anyone. It’ll attract vermin, increase the risk of disease, and turn customers or tenants away with a foul smell. Businesses simply must have a nice, sanitary refuse spot, or their health and safety goes down the pan…

During a franchising tenure, your Rainbow territory can create strong links with all sorts of companies, charities and organisations, as well as property managers. Your team can spray the inside of rubbish carriers, dispel any dirt/grease/trash liquid on the ground, and annihilate any lingering bacteria until the next clean.


See – there’s so much more to our earning model than seasonal floods. Bring your own ideas to the table by speaking to one of our advisors, who can tell you everything relevant to a franchising investment. We’re here to guide your hand on our brand, even when the specialist cleaning opportunities are almost limitless.