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Why First-Time Franchisees Come To Us

July 24, 2017
Why First-Time Franchisees Come To Us

First-time franchisees are faced with big decisions from the very beginning. But the most significant of all is selecting the right business model to adopt. The franchise world is a vast one with options aplenty in every industry you can imagine. And yet, despite the wealth of choice available, aspiring entrepreneurs come to Rainbow International for their inaugural franchising venture.


So what is it that makes becoming part of the Rainbow family quite so appealing? Why does our organisation continue to attract budding franchisees from all kinds of backgrounds? Let’s do a little investigating…


Wave goodbye to the humdrum day job

A near-unanimous attribute among all our current franchisees is a sense of liberation. With Rainbow, people are free to enjoy what they do, facing new challenges on a daily basis so they remain mentally stimulated. Many people toy with the prospect of dumping their day job for a more invigorating role – and with Rainbow you can make this daydream a reality.


Go-getting businesspeople choose to invest in Rainbow because we offer opportunity, excitement, and a venture that grows alongside ambition. Our ‘business in a box’ approach to franchising is perfect for brand new business owners, giving them the chance to hit the ground running.


Receive the support you need

Starting out in business isn’t easy. There will be highs and lows, and plenty of crossroads, which can prove challenging if you don’t have the right support to aid your journey.

When you purchase a franchise with Rainbow, you’re not just adopting a proven business model. You’re buying into all the training, resources and guidance that come with it, from the initial setup through to ongoing support.

We treat our franchise partners like one big family, as do the people within our network. The support available in our peer-to-peer network is only surpassed by the strong links our franchisees have with Head Office. So even though you’re finally ‘going it alone’, you’ll never feel like you’re on your own.


Make the most of your fresh outlook on life

There may come a point in life when you begin to develop a fresh outlook on the way you see things. Suddenly you are no longer left feeling satisfied by a simplistic 9-5 role that you can do in your sleep. You’ve decided you want something more thought-provoking where you have a stronger say.

While any franchise model will have a certain framework to abide by, Rainbow gives you the freedom to build your future as you envisage it. So whether you’re hoping to achieve the perfect work-life balance for your growing family, or aim high with your earning potential and seek expansion into multiple territories, you’ll be free to pursue it.

Rainbow International gives first-time franchisees everything they need to get started and grow the kind of branch they can be proud of. Sound like something you’d like to learn more about? Visit our Next Steps to get the ball rolling on your franchise bid.