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Could Flooding in Greater Manchester present Opportunities for Local Businesses?

January 12, 2018
Could Flooding in Greater Manchester present Opportunities for Local Businesses?

Late 2017 saw the surprising, debilitating influx of flash floods across Greater Manchester. Trains were stalled; drivers were pulled from their submerged cars by fire and rescue teams; in one case, a garden was flooded entirely. The aftermath has seen an investment fund of £1.2m prepared for anti-flood measures around the region.

But this isn’t an isolated issue… Unfortunately, severe flooding has torn through Manchester before, on several high-risk occasions. Might this give local businesses a chance to combat a threat that, with rising levels of annual rainfall in the UK, is only set to get worse?

Looking at the problem so far

There are many communities prone to flood damage throughout the North West. In Greater Manchester, they are centralised in a few spots near to the River Irwell – this includes Rochdale, Ramsbottom, Bolton and Oldham, as well as corners of Trafford and Salford.

In 2015, Rochdale was the victim of neighbouring River Roch, which drowned dozens of high street venues in the town. During the same time Manchester city centre was hit with 30mm of rainfall in just six hours – enough for the whole of a typical August.

Two years later, the River Mersey uplands of Denton, Glossop and Stalybridge were put on alert through Storm Brian. As well as the extreme flooding, neighbourhoods were threatened with 55mph winds, causing structural damage in some pockets of the area. Manchester is getting used to staying on its toes for heavy rainfall.

But the cost is still enormous, both financially and emotionally. KPMG put the estimated price of flood disruption at £5bn through the North West, accruing incidents across 2015. This is surely a time when we have to look to other, new solutions for flood prevention, instead of relying on government initiatives.

The role our franchise business can play…

As a proven, nationwide brand, Rainbow International gives leaders the chance to make a good living through each of our small franchise business territories. But we also have unique capacity to help those in peril – especially those who’ve lost their homes, earning potential and sense of security due to flooding.

That’s because a large portion of our services take the form of disaster recovery. We turn up at a site, analysing the scale of the problems caused by a deluge of water. Then we restore everything to a habitable standard: drying carpets and walls, purifying the air, and removing dirt that’s been dragged through the building. We do this for homes and businesses, picking up commercial or domestic hopes when they’re at their most fragile.

As a franchise business in Manchester, you would join other teams that are working to limit flood catastrophes in the North West. In the scheme of things, that relates to irrigation services, engineers, flood barrier manufacturers and insurance firms, all of which have value to bring alongside typical emergency response.

Want to be leading the charge for better anti-flood measures in Manchester? Join the Rainbow team by speaking to our recruitment advisors today. We’ll consider your aptitude as a business owner, for one of many UK franchise opportunities.