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How A Franchise Business Empowers Women With Ambition

January 20, 2018
How A Franchise Business Empowers Women With Ambition

We’ve come so far in the last 60 years, but women are still climbing over the added pressures they face at work. From childcare and maternity leave to the maligned gender pay gap, there’s no denying that it’s harder for women to build a career. At least, in the traditional sense…

Franchise business opportunities offer an alternative model – one that female professionals seem to value more than laying a shaky grip on the corporate ladder. A survey published in 2017 reported a 90% satisfaction rate for businesswomen in charge of their own franchise territory.

There are several reasons why this might be the case. Let’s examine them.


You are the master of your own earning potential

It’s a sad fact that, in 2018, we haven’t moved beyond a pay disparity that seems utterly prehistoric when men and women are striving for management roles. Bloomberg news has revealed that 72.8% of chief executives and senior officials are male. From age 40, the chance of a woman earning as much as her male counterpart starts to fall further, peaking between ages 50-59.

This is at its most extreme for high-skilled service roles – the sort that Rainbow International provide as a small business franchise. By proving your commitment to franchising, there’s a ready-made leadership position to take up, putting you on the fast track to more control over what you earn.

We rate women on the same grounds as male bidders; there is no favouritism. It means you won’t get lost in the corporate hierarchy and resent being overlooked. If you’re tired of being stung for lower pay than you deserve, this is a stab at rectifying it.


Flexibility is never beyond your reach

The societal assumption that women should be landed with looking after children is outdated. Yet the physical changes during pregnancy are far harder to deny. Women need the freedom to work from home, switch their shift pattern around, and take the requisite time off with their new baby. Many women are still shut off from a promotion because their pregnancy – either now or in the future – is seen as a detriment.

A franchise business, on the other hand, gives you the power to ease off (or step up your involvement) to cope with personal demands. Unfortunately, paternity leave is still an embryonic prospect in the UK: a male partner may be forced to return to work in just two weeks. As a franchise leader, however, the decision is yours. It’s possible to bear the flexibility around childcare until we successfully push for change in Britain.

Overall, a small business franchise can be liberating for the feminine side of the coin. As long as you’re turning a profit and scouting prospective clients, the franchise model can be exactly what you make of it. There is no barrier; your skills, nous and dedication are the only factors we consider.


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