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Specialist Cleaning Franchise in South Liverpool & the Wirral

Liverpool is one of the biggest, and most well-known cities in the UK. And therefore it should come as no surprise that this region makes a great home for a thriving business. With a number of opportunities on both sides of the water - Liverpool is a great location to consider homing your new winning franchise in.

  • Disaster Recovery & Restoration
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Specialist Cleaning Solutions

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Commercial Cleaning Business Opportunities in...

Liverpool, Kirkby, Knowsley, Prescot, Halewood, Widnes, Birkenhead, Wallasey, Chester, Ellesmere Port and Hoylake.

At Rainbow International, we put you at the centre of a mission – to help families and businesses keep their structures safe, clean and free from disaster. Create something to be proud of and lead your own team. Our years of expertise will support you every step of the way.

Community Support

Our network of franchisees are always happy to offer support to new franchisees, combine that with our industry knowledge and you’ve got a great support channel that’ll help you build a successful franchise.

Specialist Training

We have over 30 years worth of experience and provide all the specialist equipment, support and guidance you’ll need to obtain solid know-how in your sector.

Proven Business Model

We’re proud to own a stellar business model that works, it’s proven to be risk-free and to bring success, try it for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

Part of the ISS Group

Rainbow is part of the world’s leading provider of Integrated Facility Services. The ISS coverage specialist cleaning and restoration sectors are second to none, and we’re proud to be a part of that.

Why Rainbow International?

  • With a 100% commitment to our communities and a number of prestigious UK franchise opportunities, you’ll be buying into quality and success - not just a business.
  • We have a number of great territories in south Liverpool & the Wirral, both new and resale - which are all in ideal locations that promise a successful business - that we can share, discuss and partner up with you and your ideals.
  • Our longstanding experience speaks for itself in our expertise and professionalism. Which is of course at the heart of everything we do. To buy a franchise in south Liverpool & the Wirral with specialists whom you know will go above and beyond for you, get in touch with us.
  • We’ve not just operated, we’ve strived in the cleaning and restoration industry, and we plan to continue doing so.

Success Story

"As we now have 14 staff in the business, I’m gaining more flexibility with my workflow, and enjoying the lifestyle I always wanted – taking care of the school run, and being there when the kids get home on an evening."
Rainbow Franchisee

What We Want From You...

  • To own a franchise in south Liverpool & the Wirral, a prospective franchisor needs to be passionate above all else. Experience in the industry isn’t necessary, as we’ll provide you with training and specialist industry insights.
  • Technical background checks are an essential part of what we do. We like to make sure that we’re matching up our regional franchising opportunities up to the best possible owners.
  • Credit check scores are commonplace amongst a few other tests to make sure that we’re creating a buying agreement that benefits both parties, with you at the driving force of your decisions.

Why Invest in a Cleaning Franchise in South Liverpool & the Wirral?

  • Our franchising opportunities stretch as far as Chester, which is another major point of interest in the UK. These great opportunities, located in centric points of popular cities make for great places to opt for a new business venture - the economic climate is just right, and the potential customers come far and wide.
  • It’s not just the train and road transport links which are great here either, Liverpool homes a world-famous dock, which welcomes in thousands of visitors each year. With many coming from Ireland and opting to live here, this only saturates the potential clientele for your new franchise company.
  • The Liverpool council is UK-famous for its unprecedented support for businesses, both small and large. From advice to financial backing, south Liverpool & the Wirral is the place to be if you want to run your franchise surrounded by a supportive council and rich community.

Download our Franchise Prospectus​

Success Stories

"What’s good about Rainbow is that there is a direct channel between Head Office and franchisees. They appreciate that we have the ground-level experience on what will work and what won’t. "
Rainbow Franchisee
"Rainbow excel at letting you work your own way – with as much or little help as you want. That’s a big plus in a sector that has such a diverse client base."
Rainbow Franchisee