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Franchise for sale in Wiltshire and West Berkshire

Franchise for Sale in Wiltshire

The South West is fertile ground if you’re looking at a business for sale in Wiltshire and West Berkshire.

Aside from the verdant hamlets, villages and open countryside, you’re on either edge of the North Wessex Downs nature reserve. Tourism is a major industry here, and a specialist cleaning franchise is one of the best investment ideas you can have if you want to provide a service that people really need.

Commercial Cleaning Business Opportunities in...

Swindon, Abingdon, Didcot, Newbury, Marlborough, Theale, Reading, Bracknell and Maidenhead.

At Rainbow International, we put you at the centre of a mission – to help families and businesses keep their structures safe, clean and free from disaster. Create something to be proud of and lead your own team. Our years of expertise will support you every step of the way.

Community Support

Our network of franchisees are always happy to offer support to new franchisees, combine that with our industry knowledge and you’ve got a great support channel that’ll help you build a successful franchise.

Specialist Training

We have over 30 years worth of experience and provide all the specialist equipment, support and guidance you’ll need to obtain solid know-how in your sector.

Proven Business Model

We’re proud to own a stellar business model that works, it’s proven to be risk-free and to bring success, try it for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

Part of the ISS Group

Rainbow is part of the world’s leading provider of Integrated Facility Services. The ISS coverage specialist cleaning and restoration sectors are second to none, and we’re proud to be a part of that.

Why Rainbow International?

Rainbow International

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Why Invest in a Cleaning Franchise in Wiltshere & West Berkshire


Business for Sale in Reading

Both Wiltshire and West Berkshire, around 40 miles apart, are scenic jewels in this corner of the UK. Small business ideas have room to flourish because there are so many communities peppered throughout, each with their own character, ventures and networks to master.

With Rainbow International, you’re poised to lead a team for diverse work within this territory. We have Businesses for sale in Reading, Salisbury and Warminster to Newbury, Midgham and Woolhampton in the east, the region could be fairly described as diverse. 94.5% of new companies in Wiltshire survive for more than two years – the second highest stat compared to other councils. Meanwhile, local investment into the Internet of Things is set to bring connectivity between developers and business owners to a much finer standard across West Berkshire, including nearby Reading.

A franchise for sale in Wiltshire and West Berkshire can splinter around any of the major roads through the North Wessex Downs. For a service offering, this is a strong link to homes and premises. A specialist cleaning brand will also have to battle bad weather throughout the year. Even a business for sale in Reading can contend with high-risk flooding areas.

As well as rural tourist spots, Wiltshire has an array of manufacturing, hospitality and life science companies such as NanoSight and CI Precision. Elsewhere, Newbury (with a population of 153,000) is attracting more big names to its borders. You’ll gain the momentum and diversity for long-term contracts, as well as one-off assignments.

With core council development plans running until 2026, there’s a clear intention for future business growth in the region. Become part of it with Rainbow franchise opportunities in Wiltshire and West Berkshire.

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Success Stories

"What’s good about Rainbow is that there is a direct channel between Head Office and franchisees. They appreciate that we have the ground-level experience on what will work and what won’t. "
Wilf's Story
Rainbow Franchisee
"Rainbow excel at letting you work your own way – with as much or little help as you want. That’s a big plus in a sector that has such a diverse client base."
David Hawkins
Rainbow Franchisee

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