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How To Improve Your Franchise Management Skills To Ensure The Success Of Your Franchise

November 19, 2019
How To Improve Your Franchise Management Skills To Ensure The Success Of Your Franchise

Lay the foundations

One of the biggest franchise tips we can give is that you need to have a firm outline of your growth strategy before you can hope to be a good leader. The simplest way to start such a strategy is to transfer elements from your initial business plan to any overarching aims.

Build from this and maximise your business performance by enquiring about the marketing support that your franchisor provides. Ask for all guidance they can offer on the sales process. It’s important to make a note of certain suppliers who can lower the cost of your inventory.

Next, expand on your network. If you want to be a successful franchise business, you’ll need to build relationships.

In your territory, there should be at least one business group or local enterprise partnership nearby. These can help you make contacts outside of your franchise. In turn, this will help secure business for you or make your search for clientele much easier.

There are equal opportunities inside your franchise in the form of other franchisees. Who better to advise you on running a franchise? Their experience of taking over a territory and overcoming the challenge of local competition is invaluable.

They can advise on ways to market your particular service in order to generate leads. If you’re concerned about hiring your first team member, a fellow franchisee is better equipped to give you practical guidance.

Practise strong communication skills

As you begin to grow, your managerial skills will become increasingly relevant.

There are over 600,000 people employed by franchises. Each need contracts, staff handbooks, guidance on good time management, and leadership above all else, to ensure the franchise continues to be a success. You need to act the part if you hope to have your organisation running like a well-oiled machine.

Techniques for mastering your management style can depend on your franchise’s industry to some extent. However, it is essential to be ethical and fair at the very least. Joining a startup business is a big decision for employees too, so be grateful for their hard work and practise genuine people management skills in all communication.

Additionally, listen to their feedback. If an employee has an idea about how a certain task could be made easier take their comments on board. You aren’t cut out to be a good leader if you’re unwilling to listen to those who have chosen your business for their career.

As they share their ambitions, be transparent with your own. Explain to your team why it is you operate in a certain way and the benefits of doing so. Discuss how their performance directly impacts your business goals, and spend time explaining the franchising model if they don’t entirely understand it too.

Emulate an effective leader

Franchise management and growth go hand in hand, so you’ll need to enhance your leadership skills before you can learn how to develop a franchise.

To make a franchise successful and profitable is one thing, but to improve on it so much that your team can grow further is another. Like all effective leaders, this involves ensuring that your current processes are the best that they can be – and then carrying those organisational skills forward.

Don’t just plan your expansion – map out social media posts, marketing campaigns, and even meetings with intermediaries. Make all this transparent so that every member of the team is on board and understands what an expansion would mean for them.

Take inspiration from other franchisees or business leaders. Note how they embrace accountability and use it to inspire employees to take risks.

If your team members are to be the face of your business, you should always be looking for ways to increase their engagement. Whether that’s through employee benefits or competitive wages, be sure to be seen as an ethical and forward-thinking employer.

At Rainbow, we believe good management stems from great communication and a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve. Our model encourages franchisees to engage with local community groups and businesses to get a sense of good leadership. If you’re still wondering what franchise management is, just speak to a member of our team.

We only accept applications from those with a flair for networking and experience in a managerial role. If that sounds like you, and you feel confident in building a specialist cleaning and restoration franchise, get in touch today.