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Marketing Essentials Your Franchise Business Has To Have

October 22, 2018
Marketing Essentials Your Franchise Business Has To Have

Marketing can make or break a new business. Yet, to the uninitiated, it can be daunting. And it’s difficult to create a presence on social media or use Google Ads when the majority of online articles designed to assist you provide contradictory advice.

With Rainbow International, we can remove that difficulty immediately. We know what works, and we have the research to support it. Here’s what we consider the essentials in marketing your franchise business.

Tools to raise your brand awareness

Acquiring a client base isn’t straightforward. You may have a niche idea, but people aren’t going to find you unless you’re visible online. With a Rainbow franchise business, you have that voice already.

Our name will help put you at the top of hundreds of searches in your area through familiarity, meaning you don’t have to worry about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Similarly, with social media, you won’t need to argue over what tone of voice to write posts in or even how frequently to send them – we have extensive guidelines built up by our most successful franchisees to act as templates.

If you have little interest in managing this aspect of your business at all, leave it with us. We have some of the best social media marketers available in-house who will operate as account managers should you wish.

Digital and print resources all tailored towards your business

Startups can’t commit the resources to continuous market research, but a Rainbow business franchise can. You will have access to our entire marketing strategy on both a local and national level, demonstrating what has worked and what has not.

This brand knowledge ensures maximised results in everything from online advertising to print design. With print in mind, consider how much money pre-created marketing material will save.

Everything from letterheads to logos will be accessible to you, and any ideas you have or contributions you would like to make can be discussed with our dedicated marketing team, who have a wealth of knowledge on all channels.

A tried-and-tested strategy

We will support and guide you throughout your entire time with us as a franchisee, providing all that is necessary to strengthen your marketing efforts.

This also includes customer retention guidance and loyalty initiatives. We can even provide support with how you present yourself at events and the branding of your exhibit.

Lastly, you will now be a part of the Rainbow family. Whether members of our network are close to you and are providing reciprocal business or head office is promoting your services through various media channels, you’re certain to get more coverage through your association with us than you may otherwise.

Rainbow’s training and internal marketing services will provide you with the necessary framework to hit the ground running.

We even provide call centre representation so that you can get hands-on with building your franchise business as soon as possible!

With our support, you are sure to thrive. We’ve several franchises for sale nationwide, so to discover more, contact a member of our team by requesting a callback.

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