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Why You Should Buy A Franchise Business In The North

June 14, 2018
Why You Should Buy A Franchise Business In The North

With so many franchise opportunities all over the country, it’s difficult to pinpoint the area that’ll prove the most valuable. The South of England is traditionally seen as the more entrepreneurial half of the country, but that doesn’t mean there’s no prospects in the North.

In actual fact, it’s brimming with them. The Northern Powerhouse has created ample opportunities in both the eastern and western sides. Today, we’re going through the most advantageous areas that are just waiting to be tapped into.


Franchise opportunities in North East England

Sunderland’s home to the science, manufacturing and service sectors, providing copious opportunities for industrial sanitation jobs and processing plant assignments. It’s also closely located to Newcastle, South Shields and Washington. And in South Tyneside is the town of Jarrow, with its proximity to areas that are prone to flooding.

These huge populations will all require a specialist cleaning franchise business to bring their homes and business premises back to their former conditions following a disaster.

Another area for franchises in North East England is County Durham, which has both a booming population and business scene.

It’s more than on track to reach its target of 4,300 businesses by 2030. On top of this, there are vast networking opportunities, so there’ll be no issue starting a franchise business or acquiring clients. Also, there’s further business to be had with Middlesbrough and Darlington neighbouring the county.

Or you could opt for the areas of Newcastle, Gateshead, Morpeth and North Tyneside, home to a wide variety of businesses and with an affordable cost of living.

Many stop off and visit its unique array of historical landmarks and eateries. The area holds a tight-knit community and is also threatened by rising water levels. Both of these mean a specialist cleaning and restoration franchise can expect its expertise to be drawn on frequently.


Franchise opportunities in North West England

Leeds is the fastest-growing city in England. The area’s appealing to simply anyone – it’s host to a huge student population, an abundance of families due to its stunning leafy settings such as Roundhay Park, and copious professionals attracted by its advancements in innovation and technology.

It’s also closely located to Sheffield and Manchester – another great city to set up a specialist cleaning franchise business.

Greater Manchester is the place to be for the huge population charmed by its array of things to do – whether it be exploring the culture of the city centre, eating out, or taking part in various leisure activities.

Any borough of the region is easily accessed with the fantastic transport links, and many reside on the outskirts but work in the city of Manchester.

Boasting a number of startups, it’s a great location for cleaning commercial and residential properties alike.

An alternative choice for franchises in North West England is the area of Liverpool and The Wirral. They mean business, being one of the most rapidly growing economies in the UK.

Liverpool flaunts a robust service sector, whilst The Wirral famously renovated vacant warehouses to become the homes of copious creative startups. There’s more than enough commercial properties for a specialist cleaning franchise business to keep pristine.

There’s plenty of franchises for sale in these thriving northern areas of England, and the support of a reputable franchisor like Rainbow will ensure your franchise business triumphs. To find out more, visit our Next Steps section and book in a call with one of our team.