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Lead A Franchise Business In Watford

Watford is known mainly for its football club, as well as Warner Brothers Studios, home of the Harry Potter franchise. With a thriving nightlife and rich history, you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds in this quaint town on the outskirts of London.

But there’s more to Watford besides football and magic. With a growing population and accessible links to the capital, West Midlands and Lancashire, it’s easy to understand why this town is the ideal place to set up a franchise business.

A perfect mixture of open greenery and bustling streets, Watford’s the perfect area to allow your specialist cleaning franchise to grow. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect as a leader of a small business franchise here…

Take advantage of Watford’s economic growth

Business is positively booming in Watford after the £180 million extension attached onto the intu shopping centre, making the town an ideal place to build up your new enterprise. More jobs are being created as a result, and more people will be looking to care for their homes.

Property developers will be keen to get their projects up and running ahead of this wave of new residents, and your help will be essential. Specialist cleaners are very much in demand to help deep clean carpets, upholstery and furniture. A Rainbow International franchisee can rid a home of harmful mites and bacteria ahead of the move-in date.

Watford Council is currently investing more than £1.5 billion into their plan to create more homes, jobs and improve transport and leisure services. Now is the perfect time to invest in a franchise and take advantage of Watford’s growth.

Improved transport from London is well underway, and Watford will soon become easily accessible from the capital, bringing in more business and tourism. The town has already been pegged as a good place for businesses to relocate, due to close connections to the city (without the price tag). Watford’s deep, rich history is an ideal location for a quick getaway for tourists too – far enough away from the bustle of London, but close enough to get there in next to no time.

With this exposure comes opportunities – increased population and tourism means more landlords will be investing in renovations. Airbnb has become the go-to place for cheap accommodation, and property owners are looking for a reliable service to ensure an immaculate home despite the high turnover of guests.

Join the number of successful startups

Unlike London, in Watford, you can easily create close community connections through local engagement and partnership activities. Watford’s local authority also has an initiative to encourage open and supportive engagement between businesses, called Better Business for All.

Networking is essential to any organisation. With a variety of networking groups within Watford, it will be easy to establish relationships quickly and easily. You’ll be able to build connections with other businesses that could benefit you and your specialist cleaning enterprise through referrals.

Support is also available for any startups; Watford Enterprise Agency, for example, is there to help any new businesses. With thirty years’ experience in dealing with first-time entrepreneurs, it’s no surprise that Watford has a higher than average startup success rate. Additionally, you can gain feedback on your enterprise from various other businesses in Watford through The Federation of Small Business.


Watford’s Business Growth Hub and Big Business Connect are similarly essential to the town’s successful competitive business environment. With over 3,500 companies already based in Watford (varying from smaller to larger corporations), and a large working population and a highly skilled local workforce, it’s an ideal place for your new startup.

Establish yourself in a thriving town

The Watford junction interchange re-development is set to provide even more space to conduct business. Around 2,300 jobs will be created, and 1,800 homes will be built to accommodate these members of staff. New employment and new homes will undoubtedly bring in new customers and investors.

Due to the development, perceptions of Watford are set to improve further, boosting the economy and transforming the town. Make sure you’re a vital a part of this development by restoring existing homes to match that of the new, refurbished properties.

There’s a lot of potential when it comes to Watford’s industrial market. With residents paying similar prices in neighbouring cities for sub-par premises, Watford is still a sought-after town to base businesses and franchises. And with the new developments underway, offices and sites will be in demand.

The accumulation of investments, along with the growing population and close links to London, show promising potential for any business. Watford is the perfect place to set up a new franchise, especially in specialist cleaning. With many properties in need of restoration, as well as an abundance of new projects coming up, there’s no doubt that there is money to be made here.

If you’re interested in being your own boss, whilst making the most of the opportunity in this exciting area, then a Rainbow International franchise is ideal for you. With a franchise for sale in Watford right now, all you need to do is get in touch with us today and request a call from a member of the team

You can change the face of Watford and restore this beautiful, history-rich town to its full potential. Get satisfaction knowing that you’ve helped a family back into their home or a business up and running after a disaster. Don’t hesitate to change your life, and the lives of others, today.