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Franchising Explained

We all want the independence of working for ourselves. Franchising takes the shackles away from your professional life and opens you up to the challenges that a startup business has to face. With Rainbow International, the whole package is there – just waiting for you to untie it, head a fantastic service, and meet your potential…

 Whether you set up a new territory or buy an existing franchise for sale, we have dozens of specialist cleaning branches Register interest to invest in. You’ll find your own venue, hire a team, network locally and manage your processes like a natural leader. It’s all accomplished with our help, from tools and industry training to advice on developing your business.


Freedom in a box

One in five startups survive past their first half-decade – for a small business franchise, however, it’s four in five. It’s quite simple: franchising is more secure. You’re still your own boss, but you don’t have to build a reputation from scratch. And you never have to go it alone… Our head office is on standby, every day, for commercial or personal assistance. Your risk is reduced substantially because of central accounts.

You’ll make your own decisions, source your own projects, and manage a branch any way you see fit. Rainbow take a small percentage fee each month – that’s it. Aside from our name, you’ll benefit from a three-week, immersive training scheme before your application is approved, as well as industry-leading support during the first 100 days of activity.


What we want from you

 We’re keen to hear from ambitious thinkers. The community should be important to you, as well as sales, creative marketing, and a fair approach to team management. We don’t ask that you’re familiar with specialist cleaning and restoration; we only want you to recognise what it means to people, as we clear up after a flood, fire or wide-scale hygiene issue.

In addition, our small business franchise requires an investment fee. In total, you will have to raise £55,000 +VAT, as well as working capital. We’ll show how to finance up to 70% of it, as you begin to sketch out a business plan to discuss with our directors.

Thanks to the steady path the process we’ll walk you down, you’ll get to know more about Rainbow and ensure you’re making the right move.


Join Rainbow today!

Learn what you’ll need what you’ll need for a small business franchise investment, or apply now if you would like to be part of a brand that helps you achieve your leadership aspirations, as well as life-changing results for our customers.