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Become The Franchising Heavyweight Champion Of The World

May 23, 2019
Become The Franchising Heavyweight Champion Of The World

When emerging into the franchise market, you may need to have your fists raised. This isn’t because franchising is inherently difficult, rather that some areas have a high amount of embedded competition that has serviced the community for generations.

Choosing to pursue a franchise opportunity in an area dominated by local companies that have built a strong rapport can be daunting. But if you have a strategy to differentiate yourself, there are plenty of selling points you can use to win over the resident client base.

In this article, we’ll discuss strategies for breaking the stranglehold of local companies and emerging as a successful franchise business.

Market yourself as doing something different

When taking on well-established competitors, you need to promote and market yourself as a genuine challenger. Attend networking events and explain to local contacts how your unique selling point (USP) outweighs the benefits of committing to their traditional supplier. Promote that USP all over social media to then generate online buzz.

Research what your competitors use to retain their client base. If you can’t compete with them on that specific point, use some of the below to counter their offering.

Introduce competitive pricing

If there is limited competition in an area, the big players of that industry will have complete control of the price of their service. As an emerging competitor, you will need to offer an alternative – possibly proving to your target audience that the service provided doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.

Similarly, if your service comes at a higher cost, the difference can imply a level of quality and perceived value to the customer. Use this perception of quality to your advantage when marketing yourself as a premium service.

Boast better equipment and expertise

If pricing is irrelevant to your organisation or can’t be controlled at a franchisee level, use your expertise as your USP. Franchises typically have more resources to train their members, tools supplied to franchise businesses are usually at the forefront of innovation, and without the relevant skills you wouldn’t have been eligible to be a franchisee in the first place – so stress these points in your advertising or sales pitch.

Rainbow franchise businesses, for instance, are provided with the latest leak detection equipment in order to help remove damp. While other restoration businesses may be able to acquire thermal imaging, tracer gas or acoustic testing equipment, our team have them by default.

Offer a convenience benefit

The ability to have tools and equipment immediately can make you a more convenient solution than others. Some competitors may need to wait for parts or will struggle to fit you into their diary, so you can distinguish yourself by being available whenever possible with whatever is needed to get the job done.

If people are in need of a restoration or cleaning specialist, they would rather get all the work done in one place. This is generally true of other industries as well; customers prefer a single point of contact to having to source many different contractors.

Contesting against businesses that are deeply rooted in the community can feel like an overwhelming task. But with the help of a well-established franchise, you have the resources to try something new. Whether that’s price, convenience or better equipment, franchisees can challenge the ordinary.

That’s where we come in. At Rainbow, you can differentiate yourself from the competition by highlighting the rigorous training you completed and the latest equipment you have at your disposal. You can learn more about joining our ranks by speaking to our team today!