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Franchising In Your Later Years

January 31, 2020
Franchising In Your Later Years

It’s never too late to make a living from a role you enjoy. Franchising is an increasingly golden opportunity for more mature people – those that know what they want from their career, and have a lot of life skills to share.

Let’s examine why franchising is so attractive for anyone in their later years.

You’re in control of your circumstances

Work is far less secure than it used to be. Zero-hour contracts, part-time work, falling real-world wages… A career can crumble overnight if your employer runs into difficulty or scales back your role.

If that happens, it’s not quite as easy to pick yourself up as it was in your 20s or 30s. You may have to start from scratch, and prove your competitive edge. This takes time. Aside from the hassle of refining your CV and finding a new, more fulfilling job, the next employment you take will have few assurances too.

Working for yourself, on the other hand, puts you in charge of what happens. Earnings and professional relationships are there for the taking. You’re bound to no one except – in this case – the franchise’s brand and operational guidelines. You can find your own clients, experiment with marketing, and garner the results you want.

You have a flexible schedule

As time goes by, family and close friendships become more important to us – the spare moments we have to spend with them are increasingly precious. Franchising allows you to make the rules when it comes to how much work is done, and when it’s done, in any given day. That means you can shape it around your life, instead of the other way around.

Visits with your children, grandchildren and wider family don’t have to suffer. You can just plan ahead and make up the hours elsewhere to ensure you hit your targets. It’s a level of freedom that many mature workers don’t get to enjoy. And running a franchise business is less risky than a startup, because there’s a playbook to follow.

You can bring your partner on board

A couple’s professional lives are often separate. Yet in middle age or later, franchising represents an exciting new chance to do something new as a team, combining your talents and sharing responsibility.

We’ve spent decades selecting and moulding the next leaders for our specialist cleaning and restoration branches. During that time, we’ve noticed a trend. Some of the most successful franchise owners split things equally with their partner. Together, they can achieve incredible things. Success stories like that of Krutika and Dev – who lead a Rainbow branch as a husband and wife team – show how rewarding this can be.

Keen to see what else franchising may offer you? Speak to our onboarding team. They’ll be more than happy to further explain how a franchise business can give you the scope, security and flexibility you’ve been looking for.