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How To Grow Your Franchise’s Customer Base

January 18, 2019
How To Grow Your Franchise’s Customer Base

Settling on a franchise to partner with isn’t the hardest part of your career as an entrepreneur. The real test is holding onto your energy, building momentum, and growing your commercial possibilities.

Ever wondered how to get franchise customers? We’re going to show you. It’s a matter of creativity and perseverance…

Stick to procedure

Whatever industry you enter, there should be a full and robust training programme to prepare you for the role. In it, the franchisor will outline the following:

  •  What you must do to remain competitive. If the franchisor is worth their name, they’ll have learnt many things from years or decades in an area of work. It’s their duty to share those secrets with you.
  • How equipment and tools function to meet a goal. Whether you’re in retail, catering, health and beauty, professional hygiene, or any other sector, you’ll rely on certain materials and safety guidelines.

When we ask how to run a franchise, consistency can’t be undervalued. People need to know what they’re getting and that it will be (at the very least) of the same standard each time. The best way to ensure you do this is to stick to the franchisor’s guidelines.

Strengthen relationships

After a few months, you’ll have a small but reliable client base. Spend time with them. Chat, ask questions, and learn about their business. Strengthen your relationship with them, provide a good service and demonstrate commitment, and word of mouth will follow in your favour.

Meanwhile, network in the local community. Visit groups and relevant discussions. Get your name out there. But be patient: contacts who don’t have an initial demand for your services may keep you in mind for a later date, or for someone else they know.

Become social media savvy

Your online reputation is just as important as your offline one. The franchisor will likely give you control of a specific, regionalised social media page. It’s your job to stay on top of it and promote your specialisms. This can be done through:

  • Updating your followers about current jobs, opinions and developments behind the scenes. The best accounts share original ideas about their industry and the work of others, including staff or client successes.
  • Commenting on sector-specific news or the posts of others. This shows you’ve got your finger on the pulse and are knowledgeable about your line of work.
  • Replying to followers when they comment on your posts. When a business leader replies, they seem less distant – another barrier is removed between you and the customer base.

Consult with the franchise mentors

So far, we’ve talked about what you can do to grow a client pool. But how to run a franchise successfully also relies on the support you’re given. The franchisor should give you operational and motivational help during your tenure as a franchisee.

They may, for instance, advise on when you can feasibly invest in another branch. Or perhaps they have tips to sharpen your value proposition. From finance to admin and marketing strategies, it’s the franchisor’s duty to remain at your side, imparting wisdom gathered from their years of experience.

Rainbow International is such a brand – we deliver extensive training and mentor programmes to our franchisees to help them run a franchise successfully. Speak to us to find out more about the territories we have available.

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