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Who Helps Communities Get Back On Their Feet Following A Fire?

February 12, 2018
Who Helps Communities Get Back On Their Feet Following A Fire?

Fire changes people’s lives forever. Even when the flames are out and the smoke has long since drifted away, ramifications remain. Large blazes can burn buildings to the point of no recognition, causing devastating damage that leaves communities in ruin. When this happens, it is up to the likes of Rainbow International to help inhabitants recover.

When running a Rainbow franchise business, you’ll have a crucial part to play in helping communities get back on their feet. Here we take a look at how our specialists aid recovery and restoration after a fire.


Detoxed atmosphere

Even when the smoke is clear, a fire-damaged building isn’t necessarily safe to enter. A professional team is needed to complete an essential detoxifying process, as the building can still be hazardous to people’s health. This detox rids the atmosphere of potentially harmful substances, rendering the property safe for former inhabitants to return.


Professional cleanup

Smoke residue gathers on structural surfaces, causing nasty odours and discolouration that only specialist cleaning services are capable of removing. At Rainbow, our team are provided with the equipment, tools, facilities and knowledge required to successfully eradicate any blemishes – making surroundings appear as good as new.


Exemplary restoration

Nothing is safe when a fire breaks out. Flames and smoke can damage all interior elements, from carpets to fittings. That’s why it’s important to recruit a team with a diverse skillset when it comes to restoration. When Rainbow experts are on the job, communities have the best possible chance of salvaging any possessions that may have been caught up in the blaze.


Advice and support

Anyone who has been involved in a fire is likely to be in a state of shock. Thanks to the invaluable guidance and support of our experts, people always know where they can turn to for help. Our team also provide frequent updates on the length of the restoration process, clarifying the situation so that everyone knows where they stand.

With a Rainbow franchise business, you’ll make a considerable difference to people’s lives all over the country. Our services minimise the recovery period following a fire and help people to return to their lives in safe, familiar surroundings as quickly as possible.

Joining Rainbow could be the most rewarding career move you’ll make. Fancy learning more about being part of such a vital cause? Head over to our Next Steps section and book a call with our support team.