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Hit The Right Hiring Process For Your Franchise

April 26, 2019
Hit The Right Hiring Process For Your Franchise

If you’re already building your franchise empire, or are looking to join one soon, then it pays to structure your hiring process early. A sole franchisee can determine their workload, hours and (to an extent) methodology, but once you take on an employee, that all changes.

This is big. You’re sharing your creation with someone and you want them to be perfect. You want a member of staff who genuinely tries to develop while supporting your business needs and objectives. But the right measures need to be in place to achieve this.

Here, we cover the strategies that ensure your dream candidate is the applicant you interview and subsequently hire.

Tailor your job ads

Whether you’re using job sites like Indeed or more general-purpose sites like Gumtree, the way you advertise the position sets the tone for the candidates you’re likely to receive. This is branding as much as anything else you do online, so be concise, explain your core values and effectively describe the job role.

You want to attract people who want to work for you, not just those applying for your position because ‘it’s a job’. To see more of those passionate enquiries, cover all the company benefits you offer and comprehensively define what an ideal candidate would look like.

Whether you need an office manager or an assistant to help you service clients, they’ll become a representative of your brand. In the case of a franchise business, most franchisors will provide a basis of how to recruit, and they’ll reinforce that all members of your team must act as a conduit of the bigger organisation (the franchisor). Establish this responsibility at the job advert stage and you’ll avoid any headaches from above.

Create a rigorous CV process

You might feel that sifting through CVs is a waste of your time, but consider how many hours you’ll save by conducting only relevant interviews. Whether the application comes through your website, job sites or via email, take the time to match up how relevant each applicant is to your role.

Only inviting in those you are seriously considering for the position is reputable business practice. You’re likely to receive poor feedback if you have several candidates for one role with little intention to hire most of them. Equally, you don’t want to imply that it doesn’t matter who fills the vacancy as long as it’s filled.

If you have the capacity, either you or an office manager should conduct a phone interview. It’s a great way to gauge whether or not the candidate is actually interested. You’ll then rule out those who got in touch only to secure a safety net while they look to change jobs.

Make each interview count

Once you’ve narrowed down the talent, make sure to do your homework beforehand. This is the first impression that people will have of your franchise business, so don’t appear uncaring or dismissive. Similarly, by doing prior research, you’ll be able to tell if someone is having an ‘off’ day despite otherwise being an ideal candidate.

Take into account how this person will affect the team. If it’s just you, or a small number of employees within your franchise, they need to be an ideal fit. Ask questions that provide a wider view of their personality, see what their aspirations are, and quiz them on their understanding of the franchise.

Once you’ve picked the right employee for you, be sure to contact the other candidates and offer some feedback as to why you didn’t choose them. This helps demonstrate your supportive nature and also provides potential back-up talent if your hire doesn’t work out.

Want support in seizing the team of your dreams? At Rainbow, we pride ourselves on maintaining high standards throughout our franchisees, and we exceed in supporting them through effective hiring strategies. We understand how to build your franchise from scratch and how best to balance personalities. Get in touch today and see how you can develop your franchise business through skilful talent acquisition.