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How Extreme Weather Is Creating Franchising Opportunities In Carlisle

April 20, 2018
How Extreme Weather Is Creating Franchising Opportunities In Carlisle

Carlisle’s precarious position by the northern lakes and borders means it’s no stranger to inclement weather. In 2015, heavy rain submerged the city’s football stadium, whilst many other key buildings in the surrounding areas were dealt damaging blows due to extreme flooding.

Almost every year, Carlisle is left battered by the elements. The startling images of Storm Emma in early 2018 are still fresh in the minds of Cumbrian residents. Rainbow are an essential presence in the region due to our specialist support services, and franchising opportunities are available right now in our vacant northern lakes territory.

If you’re considering joining the Rainbow family, Carlisle promises a unique franchise business experience. Here’s why…


Overflowing rivers

A trio of rivers meet in Carlisle: Eden, Caldew and Petteril. In 2005, all three burst their banks on the same evening, leading to devastating flooding across the city that swamped more than 2,500 homes.

Overflowing water is a real problem in Carlisle, putting homeowners and business owners in jeopardy whenever heavy rain descends. As flood damage repair specialists, Rainbow have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to offer protection and relief from flood-related issues – and you could lead the way by buying a franchise business here.


Raging winds

Located less than 30 miles from the west coast of the UK, Carlisle is subject to intense winds throughout the year. These gales have a habit of playing havoc with power lines and forcing power outages. During winter, the wind coats the region in snow, causing commuter chaos as transport links are shut down.

With a Rainbow franchise business in Carlisle, you can help residents, businesses and transport stations get back on their feet during tricky times, offering the support and services required to limit damage and keep people safe


A problem exacerbated by heavy tourism

Carlisle is a popular getaway spot given its proximity to the Lake District, meaning the city is home to thousands of tourists during a typical year. The sheer number of people coming in and out of the region, after a day spent in the elements, means there’s always need for specialist cleaning to maintain their appearance and good hygiene.

Rainbow are regularly called to businesses to restore and decontaminate premises – especially those in the hospitality sector, like hotels and B&Bs. They seek specialist cleaning to get themselves shipshape ahead of (and during) the long tourist season following extreme weather; and this is what makes Carlisle one of the best franchise opportunities in the UK. High tourism always means there’s so much work to be done.


UK franchise opportunities in Carlisle

Carlisle is a city that needs Rainbow more than most. Our specialist cleaning and restoration services are crucial to the wellbeing of the northern lakes and borders, restricting and repairing flood damage whilst maintaining properties, historic buildings and landmarks.

Taking charge of our Carlisle territory is a challenge – but a rewarding one. You’ll make a huge difference to people’s lives, ensuring the city is safeguarded from the perils of bad weather when it strikes without warning.

Book a call with our team today and learn more about this incredible opportunity.