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New Year’s Restoration? How Franchisees Can Capitalise On Revelry This Winter

December 17, 2018
New Year’s Restoration? How Franchisees Can Capitalise On Revelry This Winter

The high streets are bustling, shops are alight with decorations, and huge numbers of tourists populate the markets. As someone shopping for a Christmas present, there isn’t a more stressful environment to be in. However, as a Rainbow franchise business, this is a sea of opportunity.

At no other point in the year is a commercial space touting for customers to this extent. In their eagerness for seasonal footfall, stores and hospitality businesses hope to lure visitors in with dazzling lights, cosy fires and clean environments.

In this article, we discuss how great a franchise opportunity the Christmas period is, and how franchise businesses can benefit from the competitive nature of bars and restaurants at this time.


Christmas shoppers

Right up until the last minute (and, for some late shoppers, after!) people are raiding the stores for sentimental gifts and meaningful presents. Store owners will be competing dramatically to capture the spending spirit.

This means power-washing their fronts every morning, restoring the quirky features that make their premises distinctive, and displaying their products as attractively as possible.

This is where a franchise business comes in. They are the solution to these high demands of cleaning expectations. Your Rainbow franchise could make any storefront the jewel of the high street.

Your team will be provided with the tools to jet wash building facades, driveways and patio areas, in a way that’s entirely environmentally friendly.

Similarly, you will be trained on how best to present a business. You will be able to offer guidance at a time where, for many small businesses, it is make or break. Boutique shops may have rare structural features you will be able to restore, that they can then use to tempt in business.


Work parties

Bar owners and restaurateurs look forward to work party season every year. Huge bar tabs and large food orders throughout December can sustain the January drought.

As with commercial lots, Rainbow franchise businesses can differentiate one eatery from another in the most spectacular way.

Through their specialist cleaning and restoration expertise, they can not only make a nightlife venue appear unique, but they can maintain its high standards. Mould and damp can destroy hospitality businesses, and this is an ongoing battle during winter.

Work parties are an opportunity for the hospitality business to establish its values – and the venue must reflect that. Rainbow franchisees are able to detect leaks throughout this period and remove any standing water.

Our teams are equipped with leak detection tools and, if required, are able to restore any furniture that has fallen victim to the weather.


New Year’s Eve celebrations

New Year’s Eve is the night out to top all night outs. Bars and restaurants tend to start receiving bookings from as early as September! This means they need to present themselves as the ultimate party location.

Of course, the celebrations and revelry are magnified at this time of year. As such, bars and restaurants have to prepare their facilities in anticipation of large numbers of people – and deep clean their premises afterwards.

By calling upon a franchise business like Rainbow, business owners are able to feel confident that their sites will be prepared to service. A commercial cleaning franchise can sustain a hospitality business throughout the Christmas period and beyond into the new year.

Want to learn how you can join a team of holiday-saving superheroes? Book in a call with a member of our franchise team today!