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What Does It Take To Be A Good Leader?

January 29, 2019
What Does It Take To Be A Good Leader?

Ray Kroc, who helped McDonalds become the global franchise it is today, once said, “the quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves” – reiterating the age-old practice of leading by example. Leaders are expected to inspire those who follow them. In business, this involves employers or managers motivating their workforce to develop themselves as they help expand the business.

However, before you can even begin to motivate employees, we have to establish what exactly a ‘good’ leader does. In this article, we outline what it takes to be a good franchise business owner and how you can encourage those who follow you.

Ethical leadership and showing gratitude

To act transparently and acknowledge a job well done seems easy, yet not doing so is a common complaint among employees. Individuals who feel unappreciated can create a low morale in an office workplace and are harmful to productivity. Franchise businesses should stay aware of an employee’s satisfaction levels. After all, if you rely on an employee to meet the needs of your clients, their departure could devastate your operation.

You can also demonstrate ethical leadership by offering a number of employee benefits. Flexible working hours, working from home policies, additional holidays – all of these are guaranteed ways to win the support of your employees and encourage their ongoing commitment to you as a company. It’s important for franchise businesses to reward those who go the extra mile – though be conscious that financial incentives alone may not achieve the results you hope for.

Encouraging others to grow their own abilities

A workplace that only encourages employees to work on business objectives will inevitably have a high turnover of staff. Workers want to feel like they are advancing as individuals, learning new skills or becoming more resourceful in their trade. A good leader encourages their followers to grow in talent, inadvertently helping the organisation achieve its own goals.

In the case of a franchise business, leaders could offer to pay for training courses in specialist cleaning or marketing for example. The lessons they learn at these events could be applied to your franchise, which will inevitably lead to business development and innovation should you choose to adopt them.

Setting the pace in terms of workload

It’s a common gripe in workplaces that managerial staff do little work and the rest is left to the ‘boots on the ground’. Leaders who operate under such criticism are likely to struggle to engage their team when they need them to work extra hours or cover shifts.

Instead, if you work alongside your employees and transparently acknowledge their commitment, there’s a higher chance you’ll be seen as a team player as opposed to an overseer. For franchise business owners, it’s easy to identify where you are chipping in. Often, you are the specialist carrying out the work, meeting the client or attending networking events.

This ethic is core to our work and could be applied to any franchise for sale at Rainbow. Being able to demonstrate leadership skills and expand your operation with happy employees is exactly what we want in a franchisee. Think you’ve got what it takes? Request a callback from a member of our team today! 

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