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How To Build a Successful Commercial Cleaning Business Team

It can be daunting starting a new business. Where you may once have been used to departments acting like cogs in a machine, now it’s only you and the future of all business growth is in your hands.

This often acts as a deterrent for those considering cleaning franchise opportunities, but it should instead be seen as a rewarding challenge designed to lure the very best talent.

Working by and for yourself demands a level of perseverance that other professional avenues do not encourage. Prospective franchisees may find themselves having to work in areas that they previously would have shied away from or actively remained unaware of.

This is what motivates our franchisees and allows them to operate within Rainbow International as a sole trader.

Here we look at the various roles that can accelerate a commercial cleaning business franchise yet can still be performed by a savvy sole trader acting alone.

Market yourself like an expert


  • Design your campaign 

Marketing tends to split franchisees down the middle: some view it as a luxury while others see it as essential to business growth. In the case of your cleaning franchise, campaigns may take a central role and they might warrant a marketing manager. At Rainbow, our commercial cleaning franchisees have access to a vast network of marketing resources.

A supportive franchisor should provide you with the tools to flourish in the market. For instance, Rainbow assign you a franchise developer, skilled at helping franchisees market themselves in a way that resonates in their chosen community.

  • Create memorable deliverables 

With Rainbow, we have a wealth of knowledge on marketing campaigns that have worked and ones that haven’t. You won’t need to employ a dedicated manager to see what will attract your target audience. If you need assistance establishing yourself on the commercial cleaning scene, the franchisor’s marketing specialists can help.

We offer market research that other cleaning franchise opportunities won’t have access to. Using this information, you can create marketing collateral that best captures the wants and desires of your target audience and actively engages your client base.

Find out a little more about our specialist cleaning franchise opportunities, and how we can help you accelerate here.

  • Onboard clients like a sales guru 

If you are looking to quickly expand, then usually commercial cleaning businesses will consider a salesperson (or team if possible) – an employee whose sole focus is to secure new business.

However, it’s not always necessary for you to hire anyone for this process in the early days. Your time as a franchisee is best spent drumming up interest at local networking events and servicing the few clients that you do have. It may become a drain on your franchise business to hire a salesperson when you have a small number of clients and no additional resources to onboard any more.

Become your own accountant


  • Draft a growth plan 

You may have already consulted an accountant when applying for your investment. If so, you’ll be familiar with how a finance partner can keep an eye on your books while you focus on the delivery of your business. Although, if you haven’t spoken to an accountant and have a strong plan for your business franchise model, you may not need an accountant immediately.

A high-calibre franchisor can review whether or not you will need the support of an additional finance expert. If you are capable of efficiently plotting business growth and managing your finances, you shouldn’t need to prioritise the support of outside help – at least initially – in order to run a successful company.

  • Balance your books 

No new business owner wants to focus solely on the figures. The reason you have decided to pursue commercial cleaning and buy a franchise is so you can be your own boss with no restrictions. Having to constantly focus on your finances can be a distraction that takes away from the delivery of your services.

However, choosing to ignore your accounts is not advisable. Thankfully, there are plenty of software solutions you can use to easily record and provide an overview of your finances. Most franchisors will be able to provide recommendations if you wish to balance your own books.

  • Stay tax compliant 

Compliance leads to the success of a franchise. Often this alone is what convinces a franchisee to hire a finance expert; nobody wants to find themselves on the wrong side of an investigation and angry franchisors.

But with the adoption of cloud-based software, and speaking to external advisors or communicating their concerns with the franchisor themselves, a sensible franchisee could work through these difficulties.

Keep your office in order


  • Manage your front of house 

You may consider hiring an office manager to keep your headquarters at a high standard. After all, this may operate as a base where your clients visit and contact you; it can be disconcerting for prospects if they request to visit your place of work and discover that your office is home-based.

However, there is always the option to house your organisation in a shared office or arrange a meeting room at a corporate location close to the potential client. While you may be tempted to base your operation in your own office space, think about whether or not this is financially feasible (or even necessary) in the early days of your franchise.

  • Supply contracts and documentation 

Should you take on any contractors or even consider your first full-time staff member, you may wish that you have someone to rely on to handle contracts and documentation. This person would ensure all HR policies and procedures were being followed, and advise you on hiring staff or keep you in the loop of your staff retention rate.

There are plenty of templates that can be accessed online should you consider outsourcing any of your work to contractors, although you should always consult with your chosen franchisor in the initial stages to determine their practice. All supportive franchisors will encourage you to only take HR matters into your own hands if it makes business sense to do so. There are always options to outsource these functions and your franchisor will be able to recommend a supplier who can help.

  • Build customer relations 

Building a relationship with your client base is sure to help with repeat business – that is, so long as you maintain and cultivate this relationship so that customers keep your franchise in mind. A customer service representative can assist in this area, as well as deal with any complaints issues you may have.

They aren’t a necessity in the early days of franchising, however. While you are the sole presence attending networking events and it is only you that services the clients, you aren’t expected to maintain a constant online presence with customers. Nor will there be vast numbers of clients desperate to get in touch with you for any queries they may have.

Whatever role you’re unsure you can fill, Rainbow can offer you all the support and guidance you need. Running a specialist commercial cleaning and restoration franchise with us will give you a stimulating challenge, but with the added benefit of a strong support network to lean on throughout your career.

If you’d like to find out more about running a successful business, then please book in a call to speak to one of our advisors.