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The Best Things About Being A Rainbow Franchisee

February 19, 2018
The Best Things About Being A Rainbow Franchisee

UK franchise opportunities are a dime a dozen in the modern world. Not only is franchising a tried and tested business model, it’s got some enormous brand names flying the flag for it: McDonald’s, Subway, Domino’s Pizza and KFC to name a few.

If you’re thinking of buying a franchise, what are the benefits of choosing Rainbow International over some of the massive fast food outlets listed above, or those in any other industry?

We could tell you all about how Rainbow remains one of the best franchise opportunities available – from conducting world-changing services, to enjoying complete control of your branch. However, on this occasion, we thought we’d let our franchisees do the talking for us.

Let’s take a look at what our franchisees love most about working with Rainbow…


The support

We believe so many of our franchisees have blossomed because our support network is always there for them. Take Andrew, for instance.

It took him a while to take the leap into franchising, but, since purchasing his territory, Andrew’s business has thrived – and he puts much of it down to the support he received…

“Rainbow International have been integral to this success, offering guidance when I needed it most.

“For the first 100 days after training, they checked in with a daily call, overseeing my progress from afar. They also helped me set realistic targets that I could hit and even exceed.”

– Andrew


The communication

Leading your own branch involves maintaining healthy relationships with everyone in the business from top to bottom.

For fluid communication, it must be easy to correspond with the right people at the appropriate times. According to Wilf, this is very much the case at Rainbow…

“What’s good about Rainbow is that there is a direct channel between Head Office and franchisees.

“They appreciate that we have the ground-level experience on what will work and what won’t. I believe the fact that they consult with franchisees is one of the reasons why the business model is so strong.”

– Wilf


The freedom

Any small business franchise needs to be strict about the way in which their franchisees run their branch. However, the franchise owner must also enjoy a sense of freedom so that they can contribute to the company in their own unique way.

It’s about striking that balance, and Keith believes Rainbow do this perfectly…

“I spend a lot of time networking, talking to customers, dealing with loss adjusters, overseeing the office and managing our accounts. It’s a diverse role, and I like keeping a close eye on all aspects of the business.

“It’s hugely rewarding to create a happy, productive environment where staff are motivated to go out and perform. Being a Rainbow International franchisee gives me the support and freedom to do that.”

– Keith


The excitement

Waking up and looking forward to work sounds like an abstract concept to some. But when you’re running your own venture with a brilliant team behind you, your job can quickly blur into your biggest hobby.

Just consider Noreen

“Two days are never the same in this business. Every day presents a fresh set of jobs, problems, and rewards, which is exactly what I love about it.

“Most of our business is self-generated, meaning I spend much of my week promoting the franchise through networking, exhibitions, talks and meetings.”

– Noreen


The team

If you like the sound of what our franchisees are saying, you can learn more about the company by getting in touch with our team today.

You’ll be able to talk to representatives at every level during the application process, giving you true insight into buying a small business franchise at Rainbow.