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Why It Pays To Invest More In Buying A Franchise

July 19, 2019
Why It Pays To Invest More In Buying A Franchise

The saying you get what you pay for doesn’t just apply to knock-off electronics. The amount you decide to invest in your franchise business will also determine how successful it will be.

While franchises that ask for an investment around the £10k-15k mark may be great if you want to earn a modest salary, it takes a little more upfront if you want to really build a legacy.

Here’s what you can expect to receive in return from a higher investment franchise. 

Quality training

One of the main benefits of investing more into a franchise is the amount of training you’ll receive. Many people start up a franchise not knowing how to manage it, which can cause unwanted stress and uncertainty. With proper education and close guidance, you’ll be able to make your business flourish.

Low-investment franchises might seem like a better deal, but you may have to continue working full-time alongside running your business as your earning potential will be limited.

Well-established business model

Benefit from a business model that you know works. With higher investment franchises, you know that you’ll be getting standards to uphold and techniques to adopt – ones that have been trialled and tested, time and time again.

By following this model, you have a higher chance of prosperity. After all, your fellow franchisees and the franchisor itself will have already faced many of the challenges and opportunities you’ll come across. Lower investment franchises won’t have perfected their models, as they must compromise on various aspects of their business to make it so cheap to invest in.

Brand recognition and nationwide campaigns

While you’ll still have to put some effort into your local marketing strategies, national marketing campaigns will undoubtedly benefit your franchise.

Customers are likelier to hire the services of brands they recognise and trust. By investing more to become a part of an established franchise, you’ll have access to an existing customer base and a trustworthy name – enabling you to hit the ground running.

Support every step of the way

 You can only go so far alone. Perseverance is a good attribute to have, but you need the right tools and support if your business is to be sustainable and resilient.

The right franchise, though it might ask for a larger contribution, follows their essential training with ongoing support – and you get to speak with like-minded business owners in the same situation as you. With low-investment franchises, the franchisor may see little in it for them to offer you extra support.

Buying a franchise with Rainbow

At Rainbow International, our investment level starts from £47,000, excluding working capital. But you’re buying more than just a franchise business.

With our thorough, comprehensive training programme, we’ll give you all the tools and support you need to allow your venture to thrive. You’ll have access to a five-week intensive training course, as well as close, professional support for the first 100 days. We’ll make sure you feel secure and ready to tackle your new challenge head-on.

If you’re interested in working for yourself and want support to get you started, then don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We’ve a number of UK franchise opportunities ready for you.