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Is It Time To Escape The Rat Race?

December 19, 2018
Is It Time To Escape The Rat Race?

Cities are simply thriving – there are plentiful prospects to create a capital-yielding business. But there is also an abundance of new startups trying to crack the market.

The rat race is tough, leading many to seek less competitive franchise opportunities a little further afield. In fact, they’re looking at countryside areas.

Whilst many hold the belief that these spaces have nothing to offer, this simply isn’t true. Discover the countryside’s value as we explain the ways it’s opening up opportunities…



South Wales is brimming with people. The largest cities (Cardiff, Swansea and Newport) are all located here, totalling a population of over 575,000. With so many residents on the outskirts of these, there will be ample countryside homes needing to be kept spick and span.

North Wales isn’t left out either. The town of Wrexham is home to over 60,000 people – a number that is only set to rise.

In the North of England, County Durham has approximately 228,000 households. Many of the inhabitants are working for one of the UK’s most popular sectors: manufacturing and engineering.

Related businesses, along with the wealth of those in other industries, commonly call upon the services of a specialist cleaning franchise business.

Their premises need to be immaculate to create products and conduct their services effectively.

Moving south, the Cotswolds incorporates Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire, making up over 2.8 million people collectively. With plenty of tourism going on in this area’s charming market towns, there are an abundance of businesses and residences alike to serve.


Tourist attractions

There’s a variety of fantastic places to visit in the Cotswolds. People stroll along the wild gardens of Batsford Arboretum and take in the breathtaking Sudeley Castle. For a taste of culture, Blenheim Palace is home to art, tapestry and antiques.

Country Durham is famous for its history too. The 885-year-old cathedral can be explored, as can the captivating castle, which is over 950 years old. There’s also England’s largest open-air museum, Beamish. Family fun can be had here too, along with the Gruffalo Spotters Trail at Hamsterley Forest.

In North Wales, Snowdonia’s mountain peaks are regularly climbed by a mass of tourists. Those who prefer a less strenuous activity walk the stunning coastline. Birdwatchers and nature lovers can also go to Ellin’s Tower for some striking views.

South Wales has potentially even more to do – walking and mountain biking are both popular pursuits in the amazing valleys. The waterfront of Cardiff has playgrounds for kids, bars, and fun boat trip experiences.

Both the North and South Wales, along with County Durham and the Cotswolds, have more than enough tourist businesses in need of a specialist cleaning franchise business.



Funding opportunities available for the Cotswolds centre around tourism. The RDPE Growth Programme gives those interested in starting a business in this area the chance to apply for a grant.

For investment in Welsh business, venture capital totals millions of pounds every single year. Many small and medium companies are also being supported by the £6 million Wales Micro-business Loan Fund. Regional grants, like the one offered by Newport City Council, are available in some areas.

County Durham has shown that it is certainly open for business. There is a £20 million investment scheme that aims to grow local organisations. It will support over 500 companies, and create or secure 2,000 job roles.

The amount of investment going into these different areas means that the number of businesses can only rise. This provides more than enough opportunity for a specialist cleaning and restoration franchise to prove their worth, whilst remaining removed from hectic city life.


Partner with Rainbow for your franchise business

There are openings to start up a successful franchise in the countryside, whichever rural area you choose. Rainbow currently have territories available in all four discussed here – make sure to take one before it’s too late!

We’ll be there to support you throughout your time as a franchise business owner. There’s a 100-day induction programme to help you start out, along with ongoing training. To find out more, request a callback today.