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How To Keep Businesses Safe During The February Cold Snap

February 9, 2018
How To Keep Businesses Safe During The February Cold Snap

At this point in the year, the UK has largely been spared serious snow showers, but we’re due some comeuppance. Reports from the Met Office state that Britain is going to be hit with temperatures of -9C in a few areas of Scotland and Northern England by the end of the first week of February.

Snowfall, frost and extreme cold are going to bite back, putting pressure on the structural integrity of tens of thousands of British businesses. Rainbow International customers may have an office, learning centre, warehouse or hospitality space to care for. This is how they might counter the Big February Freeze, before our franchisees step in to deal with any ill effects.


Plug up any draughts

Cold winds can invade a building through the slightest opening – an unbolted window, a crack in a door, drilled holes in the basement wall… Businesses should cover as many of them as they can without impeding something else that’s important (such as ventilation), and catalogue any breach points.


Set the heating to a temperature monitor

Just a couple of degrees can mean the difference between frozen pipes and a heating system that functions well. There’s no need to go overboard, but it does help to have warm water moving through the pipe network regularly, at least until spring arrives. The majority of modern boilers have a ‘frost’ setting – this kicks in when a minimum temperature is recorded on the in-built gauge. Over time, it keeps the water above freezing levels 24/7.


Wrap up the pipes

On the subject of heating facilities, it’s always worth hiring someone – or going solo – to insulate the piping. D.I.Y stores sell special foam that can be taped together along the length of a pipe channel. Foil is another candidate, just like mineral wool and glass cylinders that’ll fit the conduit like a glove. Old, shaggy wool insulators need to be replaced, because they’re nowhere near as good as today’s alternatives.


Fix faulty roof tiles and guttering

Poor structural qualities will fall prey to the sharp, brittle effects of high wind and hail. Most of the snow, rain and ice will gather on your roof, begging the question of how well it is guarding the rest of your building… Missing or chipped tiles are going to help water seep where it shouldn’t, so we suggest substituting them with brand new slate. Weak, cracked gutters can also cause microbial contamination and leaks in unsafe ceilings. Rainbow’s specialists dry and purify these areas if the problem is quite severe.


Even these measures, however, may not be enough… Rainbow International are called upon to fight back against the worst winter influences. From huge industrial processing units to nurseries, street stores and public buildings, our franchisees use their team and resources to help local businesses feel warm and inviting once more.

Should anything go wrong – like structural hazards caused by frost, snow, damp and mildew – then Rainbow are ready to step in. By setting up a franchise business under our banner, you can help organisations stay safe when extreme weather strikes.

We are always seeking leaders for our family of UK franchise opportunities across the UK. Take the Next Steps to a small business franchise by speaking with us. There’ll be more Februaries like this, when our skills come into their own…