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What Can Taskmaster Teach Us About Leading A Business?

April 18, 2019
What Can Taskmaster Teach Us About Leading A Business?

Wondering what a panel show involving random tasks has to do with good business practice? Taskmaster is a show that (like business) rewards ingenuity – and there’s a lot we can learn from it.

The premise of the show is that multiple contestants must achieve a series of vague and random objectives given by the taskmaster. This can range from impressing a mayor to emptying a bathtub the fastest. The prize is given to the contestant who uses the most creative method and achieves the goal within the quickest time.

In the business world, we refer to this as innovation and resourcefulness. In this article, we talk about how such a gameshow dynamic fits the challenges of being accepted for and running a franchise.

Find your USP

Each Taskmaster episode begins with all contestants donating a prize to the future winner at the end of the competition. This is typically an item unique to them. When placing this in the context of a business franchise, think: what is the idiosyncrasy you’re bringing to the organisation?

What is the quality you possess that will set you apart from your competitors or other candidates for a franchise? Do you pick up skills by osmosis? Are you incredibly experienced in marketing? Do you have a track record of successful business ventures? Whatever your prize talent is, pitch it to your desired franchisor or bank lender and highlight instances when you’ve demonstrated your best qualities.

Be creative

Being creative in business means being innovative with limited resources and breaking free of tradition. It’s about so much more than an imaginative business idea or marketing strategy. In the show, Greg Davies (the host), rewards subtle intelligence and logic. In fact, the whole competition prioritises strategic thinking – as does business.

Don’t fall into the same pitfalls as everyone else. Relying on the same methods of success as your competitor won’t get you noticed. If you have limited spend on your marketing, regularly network with businesses outside your usual clients and be smart with your outreach. These are tactics that illustrate originality.

Get competitive

In the Taskmaster series, there are occasionally team tasks which also reward the individual. Pitting two sides against one another sparks a healthy competition amongst the group that motivates both teams and stimulates the work ethic of the whole. In business, this keeps prices reasonable, the industry becomes more forward-thinking, and customers get a better service.

Organisations prioritise employee skills and education when competition is rife, and typically deliver their best work as a result. When an industry is dominated by one business, the quality of the product or service diminishes. If you’re up to the challenge, business leaders that effectively disrupt the market by offering a better service, product or price get immediate consumer attention and investment.

The same can be applied to a business franchise. If you’re setting up in an area where your franchise doesn’t have a presence, you’re effectively convincing an audience to invest in you (the outsider) over what they currently have available. Mastering sales in this situation requires you to get your USP across in your marketing and manage relationships well.

At Rainbow, we have franchises for sale that are perfect for candidates with pragmatism and creativity. We encourage them to develop a competitive trait, and while we do offer extensive support to new members, our best franchisees work tactically with their resources to stand out in their chosen territory. Speak to our franchising team today to find out how you can get involved.

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