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Delving Deeper Into A Franchise For Sale In The Northern Lakes And Borders

When we think of the Lake District, we picture rippling hillsides, large stretches of water, and trees as far as the eye can see. That’s right on the money, but it doesn’t account for the economic lure of a Rainbow International franchise for sale in the Northern Lakes and Borders territory.

Our presence here occupies a vast space: from Keswick and Pooley Bridge to the metropolis of Carlisle, with a lot of stunning scenery along the way. Towns such as Penrith (with a resident count over 15,000) offer fantastic pubs and markets and are often visited for their proximity to popular walking routes. The M6 links them together, tracing a line from Kendal and Oxholme to the tips of Solway Coast. At a glance, it’s a peaceful existence, but a Rainbow team will find plentiful opportunities beneath this green façade…


Why choose a Rainbow franchise business for sale in this area?

The Lake District, unsurprisingly, draws in visitors from around the world. The National Park’s vision for 2030 states that a growth in businesses will facilitate a boost in hospitality, tourism and farming jobs, which already number 17,500 – nearly half of the area’s population! These places require specialist cleaning and, in some cases, restorative measures, which Rainbow may provide as a small business franchise in the Northern Lakes and Borders.

Self-employment levels are double that of the national average which is good news for your networking potential. Rainbow leaders can scour for new clients as they see fit, integrating within several of the area’s communities. That’s hugely beneficial, especially in a place such as this – where inclement weather is a real issue throughout the year.

Meanwhile, you’ll also operate in Carlisle, the region’s economic centre. The town has been growing by around 4.1% since 2009, well above the national average. Manufacturing, transport, health and retail are big sectors here. Each of these relies on the services that Rainbow can provide.

Speak with our recruitment team if you’d like to know more about our franchise for sale in the Northern Lakes and Borders, prior to making your application.

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